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Leadership and Optimism with Dosabrazos

Have you ever wondered what characteristics make an effective leader? How a leader motivates their team? Or, how creativity can be stimulated by effective leadership? Carlos Hernández, the founder of Dosabrazos and a professor at UC3M, looked to answer these questions and more in a workshop on “Leadership and Optimism”, given to current and former students of the Master’s in International Business Administration at Carlos III University, Madrid (MaDIUC3M). In this workshop, Carlos approached leadership with a different perspective, rescuing and highlighting the value of optimism as the fundamental engine to lead, motivate and get the best performance from...

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The International Growth of Online payments

Fintech is a new industry that has been growing over recent years. The volume of sales in e-commerce has increased by at least 1,000 billion US dollars between 2014 and 2017. In addition, it is expected that sales will continue rising, reaching over 4,000 billion dollars in 2021. Within this Industry, there are different segments of online payments where the 3 companies that we have selected for this report operate. The International strategy of Apple Pay, AliPay and PayPal will be analysed; focusing on the location and entry modes. Online payments: a) Apple Pay Apple pay is a Mobile payment...

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Doing business in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

As part of the MaDI program, we are lucky enough to have regional and country seminars that are based on ‘doing business’ within a particular place around the world. For a Master’s in International Business, seminars like these are going to come in handy. They are given by an industry expert, such as Belen Garcia from Galicia who came to speak to us on 9th April about doing business in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. When we think about doing business in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, we often differentiate between sub-regions: Eastern European countries, Balkan countries, Baltic countries...

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International strategy of J. García-Carrión

On November 23, 2017, Juan Baeza and Sara Blanco visited Carlos III University – Madrid, and its International Business Administration Master’s students. They told us first-hand about the international growth and international strategy of J. García-Carrión. J. García-Carrión was founded in 1890 in Jumilla, when José García-Carrión, the great-grandfather of the current president, opened up his first winery. From the very first moment, they had a clear international orientation and exported their wine to France. Currently, it is the number one Winery in Europe, the 5th in the World and the second juice brand in Europe. The international strategy of...

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MaDI Talks, a timeline review

The Master’s in International Business Administration organise a number of  ‘MaDI Talks’ throughout the year at the Carlos III University for our students and everyone interested in International Business. The talks include entrepreneurs from leading global firms, digital specialists, Human Resources experts, regional experts and past alumni experiences. These talks provide with valuable, real-life experiences to help guide them through their Master’s and proceeding professional career. If you want to staty tuned for upcoming MaDI Talks follow our events in Facebook. You are more than welcome! Take a look through our Madi Talk’s timeline and pinpoint some of its highlights. MaDI Talks...

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