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Author: Ani Rumenova Miteva

17 quick SEO tips for beginners

If you are new to Search Engine Optimization, you are probably wondering what are the best strategies to start positioning on Google. Today, we will show you some great and quick SEO tips for beginners to boost your Inbound Marketing strategy and help you score on the first pages of a search engine. 17 quick SEO tips for beginners Selecting the right keyword is just as important as putting it in the right places. For a great keyword research, my top 3 tools are KWFinder, AnswerThePublic and of course, AdWords.   Forget about short-tail keywords if you are just...

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5 best video editing apps for Android

Video content is one of the most effective ways to increase visibility and engagement on social media. Surprisingly, many Content Marketers are still not exploring its full potential, mainly because they are afraid that a great video requires too much time. Today, we will present to you some of the best video editing apps for Android that will help you improve your video content without spending countless hours. 5 best video editing apps for Android 1. WonderShare Filmora Go WonderShare Filmora is a great way to get started if you haven’t incorporated video content into your Marketing strategy yet....

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5 Mobile Marketing benefits for small businesses

Developing and implementing a sustainable Marketing strategy is a top priority for practically every small businesses; however, a surprising number of those are still missing out on Mobile Marketing opportunities. To reach a wider customer base, it is extremely important to target channels that resonate with most people, and mobile phones are one of them. In fact, according to Statista, mobile penetration is foretasted to reach 67% of the global population by 2019, or 5.7 billion users worldwide. For this reason, small businesses should really consider diversifying their Marketing strategy to obtain these 5 Mobile Marketing benefits: 5 Mobile...

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How to boost your Google Maps Marketing strategy

Google Maps is one of the most powerful products ever developed by Google – every month, millions of users worldwide use it to see street maps, get a 360° panoramic view, or check the traffic conditions in real time. However, it is also an extremely effective tool for building a successful local Marketing strategy for your business. Today, we will talk about some great ways to boost your Google Maps Marketing strategy. What is Google Maps Marketing? Simply put, it covers all the Marketing efforts that local businesses do to position their company as higher as possible on Google...

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Black Hat SEO techniques

Search Engine Optimization can be a tricky process even for experts – with the constant and sometimes radical changes that Google has been implementing throughout the years, it is really easy to fall into a Black Hat trap. Today, we will explain some of the most common Black Hat SEO techniques that companies and SEO professionals need to avoid when optimizing their website for search engines. What are Black Hat SEO techniques? Search Engine Optimization can be an extremely long and tedious process. Usually, it takes months and even years to start positioning yourself as an authoritative website in...

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