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Author: Ani Rumenova Miteva

5 practical tips for an effective keyword strategy

Keyword strategy are the heart of Digital Marketing. Whether you are a small consumer goods company or an international corporation, the success of your digital presence will heavily depend on your choice of keywords. For this reason, undertaking the right keyword strategy will be the most important part of your Search Engine Optimization process (and your Search Engine Marketing as well), and you need to do it right since the beginning. Here are my top 5 tips for a great keyword strategy that will boost your brand positioning on Google: 5 practical tips for an effective keyword strategy 1) Compare...

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HubSpot Website Grader: Check the performance of your website

Last week in the blog of MADI, we talked about 10 awesome (and free!) HubSpot resources for Inbound Marketing, including CRM tools, e-books and guides, and even an Academy with certified courses. Today, I wanted to zoom in on one of the resources that we previously mentioned, but this time in detail: the HubSpot Website Grader. It is one of the best tools for obtaining a valuable overview over your website’s performance, and it is completely free – so let’s hop right into it! The main elements of the Hubspot Website Grader To get a better idea of the...

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Top 7 Salesforce alternatives for CRM

Customer Relationship Management tools have been actively helping sales teams manage their contacts for the last couple of decades. Nowadays, keeping a record of your leads and prospects on an Excel sheet just doesn’t work anymore – Salesforce quickly discovered that, and worked its way to become the leading CRM tool on a global scale. However, it is not the only cloud-based software for managing customer relationships; and today, we will take a look at 7 Salesforce alternatives that are rapidly catching up to the leader. Top 7 Salesforce alternatives for CRM 1. SugarCRM SugarCRM is a leading CRM software...

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Hubspot Resources and Tools for Inbound Marketing

10 FREE Hubspot Resources and Tools for Inbound Marketing When it comes to developing a successful Inbound Marketing strategy, Hubspot remains one of the most popular and rich cloud-based platforms on the market. It not only provides a full stack of software for marketing, sales, and customer success; but also a powerful pack of free Hubspot resources that companies and individuals can use to enrich their knowledge and improve their overall performance. Over the years, Hubspot has established itself as one of the leading companies for B2B Sales and Marketing – and it didn’t happen by accident. What distinguishes...

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The Timely App: A loyal ally for killer time organization

Has it ever happened to you that you spend the whole day working, but you still have no idea where the time went? In my company, we do a daily meeting every morning, where each team members has to explain what projects they worked on the day before, and what their tasks are for the day. Sometimes, it can be really challenging to remember everything, or just to keep track of how long it took you to complete a task. Most of the time, we do not realize that we spend too much time on projects that could be...

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