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Author: José R. Fernández Huergo, Pia Ruth, José Luis Valdivia Rubio, Alba de la Concha Vega, Mónica Christina Casanova

Internationalization Strategies in the Orange Industry

In the following report we will analyze and compare three Spanish companies which are involved in the production and distribution of citrus fruits, specifically oranges. These firms are amongst the largest orange exporters from Spain and are operating internationally. Therefore, it serves as perfect example to examine their internationalization strategies in the orange industry.  Tollupol: Internationalization strategy taken within the orange industry Founded in 1927 in the the Almenara region of Valencia, Spain, Tollupol began its journey when when co-founder Pedro Perez opened a citrus fruit stand in the center of Paris, France. Meanwhile, co-founder Joaquín Llusar was responsible for...

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The Not-So-Sweet Spanish Orange Industry

In this post, a group of students studying a Master’s in International Business Administration (MaDI) at Carlos III University – Madrid, talk about the Spanish orange industry in regards to exportation.  The Spanish orange and its popularity Spain, in addition to being the 17th largest export economy in the world, is furthermore the most important orange exporter in the world with a share of 27% in 2016 which accounted for a value of $1.2 billion. According to the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service, the expected growth in Spain compared to the previous year is 20% in 2017 due to in...

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