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Author: Lola Ortiz Gomez

Gibraltar custom: how does it work

The Gibraltar custom is located in the city of Gibraltar, a small península in the south of Spain, inside the province of Cadiz. This custom is very important for its strategic position and for the control of the Mediterranean Sea. It is formed by a natural fortress, known as the Rock, attached to the rest of the Iberian Peninsula by an isthmus. During the 19th century, this territory was occupied by the British, which eventually opened the border and the Gibraltar custom with Spain in 1909. Since then, Gibraltar is part of the United Kingdom, although it is located within the...

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10 Tips for a Job Interview

Job interviews have never been easy. Especially if it is your first one. In a job interview you usually have to sell yourself and your skills to convince the interviewer that you are the best to suit that vacancy. If you invest a little bit of time prior to the interview to prepare yourself and get ready, it will be so much easier to handle. According to professional HR Managers about candidates missing out on roles due to interview etiquette, here are 10 tips for a job interview  and achieve your goal: be selected for the job! 10 tips...

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