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Bayer Johnson and Johnson PG: Three international strategies

In this post, our students have analysed the different strategies that Bayer – Johnson and Johnson and PG (Procter and Gamble) have developed in the international markets. Bayer  Johnson and Johnson PG: Three international strategies Bayer ‘Friedr. Bayer et comp.’(currently ‘Bayer’) was founded on August 1st, 1863 in Barmen (Germany), by Friedrich Bayer and Johann Friedrich Weskott. They founded a company whose main purpose was manufacturing and selling synthetic dyestuffs, not widely extended at that time, with the aim of substituting the scarce and expensive natural dyes used at that time. They grew rapidly, and a few years after...

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Healthcare market in Thailand

The healthcare market sales is concentrated mainly in 5 countries: United States (USA), China, Japan, Germany, and Italy, with the USA leading the consumer health industry with 31% of global retail value. Considering this data, there is opportunity for market expansion in other countries where the share of global consumer healthcare is approximately 1-2%. Such is the case of Thailand. We, then, examine the healthcare market in Thailand.  Thailand represents one of largest healthcare markets in Southeast Asia which gives healthcare companies the opportunity to expand their markets. Drivers of growth include increases in government funding, private participation, medical...

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Dissecting the regions in United States – The West Coast, East Coast, Midwest, and South

When working in or traveling to the United States it is important to know what part of the country you will be dealing with. Each has it’s own customs, stereotypes, and ways of doing things. I will breakdown the general characteristics of the four main regions in United States considering the Census Bureau classification. Keep in mind that within those regions, each state also has it’s own laws, traditions, dialect, and demographics.Regions in United States Regions in United States The West (Coast) It consists of California, Oregon, Washington, and to lesser extend Alaska and Hawaii. The West in general also...

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Business in Arab countries: challenges and opportunities

Last May, 19th, Felix Santos, gave us a talk about doing business in Arab countries. This talk, included in the MaDI Talks “Doing Business in“, allowed us to understand the peculiarities of these countries. In the following paragraphs you can find more details! In the western world there is a huge lack of knowledge and stereotypes throughout the Arab countries. Very often, you can hear people say that all Arab countries speak the same language, that all of them are Muslim or even that every Arab country is rich because of their large oil reserves. Regrettably, that is very...

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Food industry in USA is famous for being highly dependent on the importations and, although this import arrangement is almost liberalized, it is upon the compliance with the sanitary and technical requirements. But, how strict these requirements are? We develop below the applicable law to export food to the United States. Export Food to the United States – The FDA All exported food must meet, at least, the same requirements as the food manufactured in the USA. These requirements are issued and regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA regulates the entry of pharmaceutical products, vaccines, medical...

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