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The Mattress Industry in the US

The mattress industry and its related enterprises across the world have been growing since its origins, especially in the United States of America. Mattress’ consumers represent an ever-changing demand. Recent researches show how the United States of America is one of the top countries regarding mattress’ purchases and sales. In this post, we give some conclusions about the mattress industry in the US. According to IBISWorld analytics and reports, the amount of revenue of the Mattress manufacturing in the US during the first semester of 2017 was around 9 billion dollars with an annual growth of 0.2%. The Five...

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10 simple ways to grow your email list (fast)

Every good Content Marketer knows that having a rich and qualified email list is one of the most important elements of an excellent Inbound Marketing strategy. However, many people struggle to build an email list that works – and today, we will show you some simple ways to grow your email list, to attract the perfect target that your company needs. 10 simple ways to grow your email list (fast) 1. Create a blog If your website doesn’t already have a blog, you are missing out on a lot of potential qualified leads! Blog articles are a great way...

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Porter´s Five Forces in the Consultancy hotel sector

In this post we analyse the Porter’s five forces in the Consultancy hotel sector. Hotels, both large and small, are increasingly turning to the online medium to attract new customers. During 2016 social networks were the main protagonists in the marketing strategies of the main hotel chains. Social networks turned out to have a strong impact on the occupation and sales level. Specialization within the consultancy sector has become an almost necessary asset to be able to offer an adequate, and specially, competitive service. As technology is increasingly present in the services sector, it is important to offer services oriented and...

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5 Mobile Marketing benefits for small businesses

Developing and implementing a sustainable Marketing strategy is a top priority for practically all small businesses, but a surprising number of them is still missing out on the opportunities of Mobile Marketing. To reach a wider customer base, it is extremely important to target the channels that resonate with most people, and mobile is one of them. In fact, according to Statista, mobile penetration is forecasted to reach 67% of the global population by 2019, or 5.7 billion users worldwide. For this reason, small businesses should really consider diversifying their Marketing strategy to obtain these 5 Mobile Marketing benefits:...

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The wine industry in Spain: Benchmarking Report

We have chosen the wine industry in Spain in this report to analise its strategy in te US and make the following benchmarking report. The Alvear winery company will be compared in terms of strategy to the Barbadillo, Perez Barquero, and Gonzalez Byass Spanish wine companies. For the purpose of this report and the continuation of research regarding this topic, the group attended the XVIII Hall of the Best Wines of Spain at IFEMA, organized by the Peñin Guide, which is the most complete Spanish wine manual in the world. This guide is used by both amateurs as well...

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