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5 Mobile Marketing benefits for small businesses

Developing and implementing a sustainable Marketing strategy is a top priority for practically all small businesses, but a surprising number of them is still missing out on the opportunities of Mobile Marketing. To reach a wider customer base, it is extremely important to target the channels that resonate with most people, and mobile is one of them. In fact, according to Statista, mobile penetration is forecasted to reach 67% of the global population by 2019, or 5.7 billion users worldwide. For this reason, small businesses should really consider diversifying their Marketing strategy to obtain these 5 Mobile Marketing benefits:...

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The wine industry in Spain: Benchmarking Report

We have chosen the wine industry in Spain in this report to analise its strategy in te US and make the following benchmarking report. The Alvear winery company will be compared in terms of strategy to the Barbadillo, Perez Barquero, and Gonzalez Byass Spanish wine companies. For the purpose of this report and the continuation of research regarding this topic, the group attended the XVIII Hall of the Best Wines of Spain at IFEMA, organized by the Peñin Guide, which is the most complete Spanish wine manual in the world. This guide is used by both amateurs as well...

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Manage your projects with Asana Desktop App

Project management can be a challenging task, especially for bigger companies. To coordinate team members efficiently, managers not only have to distribute responsibilities accordingly, but also to make sure that they are being correctly executed. Today, we will show you a SaaS tool designed specifically for making project management easier and substantially more efficient than ever: the Asana Desktop App. What is Asana Desktop App? Asana is a web-based software service designed with the purpose of improving project management and facilitating team collaboration from within a single dashboard. The desktop app seeks to reduce e-mail communication between team members,...

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International business Strategy: Grupo Acesur

In this post, a group of students of the Master in International Business UC3M have developed an analysis on the international strategy of oil companies. In particular of Acesur, Borges and Deoleo groups. International Strategy of Oil Companies Grupo Acesur Grupo Acesur has been active for more than 150 years producing, packaging and marketing of olive oil, since 1840, as well as a long tradition in vegetable oils sector. This accumulated experience reinforces Acesur as a leading group within the national olive oil sector in Spain, also exporting its products to more than 90 countries worldwide. One of the main...

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International strategy of J. García-Carrión

On November 23, 2017, Juan Baeza and Sara Blanco visited Carlos III University – Madrid, and its International Business Administration Master’s students. They told us first-hand about the international growth and international strategy of J. García-Carrión. J. García-Carrión was founded in 1890 in Jumilla, when José García-Carrión, the great-grandfather of the current president, opened up his first winery. From the very first moment, they had a clear international orientation and exported their wine to France. Currently, it is the number one Winery in Europe, the 5th in the World and the second juice brand in Europe. The international strategy of...

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