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Author: Nikko Poki Tanaka-Pendleton

Official English abbreviations

Situation: you receive a mail in English but you cannot understant completely all their words! You look for them in the dicctionary but they don’t appear there! Don’t worry! Probably you are facing to abbreviations! In this post we talk about them, about the official English abbreviations! They are used in note taking, presentations, texting, emails, and many other forms of communication where speed is needed. These are not slang but official abbreviations for words. They are written abbreviations unless otherwise specified. Official English abbreviations General writing: w/o – without b/c – because b/f – before w/ – with...

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Turkish Food Recommendations

Turkish Food Recommendations Turkish food is amazing mixture of Mediterranean styles, traditional spices, and exotic flavors. There is so much more to experience than just kebab! If you are visiting Turkey, don’t be afraid of the menu. Here are some of my favorite traditional dishes and sides. For breakfast: Turkish Breakfast – a traditional Turkish breakfast consists of Turkish bread, a very light and airy white loaf served with honey or jam, fresh tomatoes, fresh cucumbers, cheese slices, olives, Turkish sauasage, and possibly an over easy egg or a baked potato. Simple, healthy, and oh so delicious made with...

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Turkey travel tips: a country to explore

Turkey is one of the most beautiful and dazzling countries I have ever been to. Despite the many cities in the world I have explored, Istanbul remains at the top of my list. It is a country whose layers are never ending. In this post, I explain my experience there and give you some Turkey travel tips!! What you can not miss in Turkey Some of the most amazing wonders of the world can be beholden there. Pamukkale, a mountain pure white of calcium, with warm pools of water, makes you feel like you are hot tubing in the snow but in...

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Etiquette in Hawaii

Hawaii is a beautiful and magical place with tropical forests, white sand beaches, and erupting volcanoes.  Vacationing there is one thing, but doing business or living there is another. Hawaii is a world onto itself and is completely culturally different than the mainland United States. Hawaii is dominated by a mixture of Asian and Hawaiian culture that is in opposition of mainland haole culture. Culture in Hawaii What is mainland? What is haole? Mainland is what they call the main United States, and haole is a white person. Because of the brutal colonization of the Hawaiian people, there is...

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The true meaning of english phrases

The English language is a polite language. We like to sugarcoat things. We don’t like to be direct. We don’t like to say no or to criticize. However, every native English speaker knows that kind words and a smile aren’t always the true meaning. We aren’t being fake; we just have deeply instilled etiquette that prevents us from using direct language. So it is important to know the true meaning of these english phrases. And for this our north american MaDI student helped us to understand what exactly they mean when we say the phrases. The true meaning of...

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