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Author: Teresa Smith

The Enterprise Europe Network: helping SMEs innovate and grow internationally

As it is becoming more and more necessary to expand globally, network initiatives like the Enterprise Europe Network are just what we need to help expand and grow our business worldwide. The Enterprise Europe Network is currently the world’s largest support network for small to medium-sized enterprises. As a European network, they can help you and your company connect and expand internationally by linking you to an industry/regional expert and by guiding you through the international process. The Entreprise Europe Network: Business service International partnerships Enterprise Europe Network has a force of experts dedicated to certain regions and industries. By using...

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Doing business in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

As part of the MaDI program, we are lucky enough to have regional and country seminars that are based on ‘doing business’ within a particular place around the world. For a Master’s in International Business, seminars like these are going to come in handy. They are given by an industry expert, such as Belen Garcia from Galicia who came to speak to us on 9th April about doing business in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. When we think about doing business in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, we often differentiate between sub-regions: Eastern European countries, Balkan countries, Baltic countries...

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The Afterwork Culture in Madrid

The Afterwork Culture in Madrid In this post, I will discuss: how the afterwork culture in Madrid has change my outlook on life (not an exaggeration) and recommend a few of my fave afterwork spots. I have been living in Madrid for three years now and I absolutely love it! Living here has changed me as a person in so many fabulous ways that I am afraid to leave. When I lived in London, I was very rigid! I went to work, turned up to work stressed from the commute, finished work, went to the gym, went home and...

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Christmas in Madrid, The Most Wonderful Time of Year

In this post, Teresa Smith, a student studying a Master’s in International Business at Carlos III University talks about Christmas in Madrid and the differences between Spanish traditions and those of her home country, England.  With the birth of Jesus Christ and the commercialization of Santa Claus, it was easy to assume that our European neighbours celebrated Christmas in the exact same way. This is so far from reality that I am ashamed to have been so ignorant! Madrid is a beautiful city to be in over the Christmas period; although, they may start too early with the decorations...

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Web Summit 2017, Lisbon – An Amature’s Opinion

Web Summit 2017, Lisbon This year, I was lucky enough to attend the event of a techie’s dream, Web Summit 2017, Lisbon. It truly was the place to be if you are working in tech, a startup founder or an aspiring entrepreneur as for 3 days straight you are surrounded by the industry’s most influential. As an employee of a tech company, I was fortunate enough to attend the event on my company’s behalf, thanks guys! In this post, I will delve into the some of the things that I learnt, liked and didn’t like throughout the event. What...

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