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Friendship at MADI UC3M. Let no man separate what MADI has joined!

Studying a Master’s Degree such as the Master in International Business at Carlos III University may have an important impact in your career, but from our perspective, what may be more important is the impact it has in your personal life! This is something we always keep in mind: there are very valuable people behind the professionals we train! Today, we bring you the story of Nikko and Silverio, two MaDI students from the 2016/17 promotion. Nikko, from California, and Silverio, from Mexico, met in Madrid in the same MaDI group. Once the master ended up she went back...

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Christmas in Madrid, The Most Wonderful Time of Year

In this post, Teresa Smith, a student studying a Master’s in International Business at Carlos III University talks about Christmas in Madrid and the differences between Spanish traditions and those of her home country, England.  With the birth of Jesus Christ and the commercialization of Santa Claus, it was easy to assume that our European neighbours celebrated Christmas in the exact same way. This is so far from reality that I am ashamed to have been so ignorant! Madrid is a beautiful city to be in over the Christmas period; although, they may start too early with the decorations...

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As native English speakers, we are the luckiest (but really unluckiest) people when it comes to learning a language! When you arrive to your destination, ready and excited to throw yourself into the culture and experience, you are going to come across a few hiccups! One. Every man and their dog will speak ‘some’ English! So, if you are a beginner, your opportunity to practice, “Hola, me pones una cerveza” has been taken away without warning. Two. If you already have a good grasp of the language, enough to have an understood but grammatically incorrect conversation. The “very helpful...

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Dissecting the regions in United States – The West Coast, East Coast, Midwest, and South

When working in or traveling to the United States it is important to know what part of the country you will be dealing with. Each has it’s own customs, stereotypes, and ways of doing things. I will breakdown the general characteristics of the four main regions in United States considering the Census Bureau classification. Keep in mind that within those regions, each state also has it’s own laws, traditions, dialect, and demographics.Regions in United States Regions in United States The West (Coast) It consists of California, Oregon, Washington, and to lesser extend Alaska and Hawaii. The West in general also...

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Thailand Travel Tips

Thailand Travel Tips For those traveling to ever popular Thailand, take some tips from for optimum trip satisfaction. Do: Try all the food Thai food is one of my favorites in this world. It is summer fresh and combines some of my favorite flavors such as coconut, lemongrass, and kefir lime, with hot spices and soothing textures. I can’t get enough of the curries, noodles, fresh salads, and stews. If you are afraid of the heat the more touristy restaurants will make a mild version if you ask. Don’t: Ride an elephant or take photos with tigers Please, don’t...

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