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The Enterprise Europe Network: helping SMEs innovate and grow internationally

As it is becoming more and more necessary to expand globally, network initiatives like the Enterprise Europe Network are just what we need to help expand and grow our business worldwide. The Enterprise Europe Network is currently the world’s largest support network for small to medium-sized enterprises. As a European network, they can help you and your company connect and expand internationally by linking you to an industry/regional expert and by guiding you through the international process. The Entreprise Europe Network: Business service International partnerships Enterprise Europe Network has a force of experts dedicated to certain regions and industries. By using...

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The International Growth of Online payments

Fintech is a new industry that has been growing over recent years. The volume of sales in e-commerce has increased by at least 1,000 billion US dollars between 2014 and 2017. In addition, it is expected that sales will continue rising, reaching over 4,000 billion dollars in 2021. Within this Industry, there are different segments of online payments where the 3 companies that we have selected for this report operate. The International strategy of Apple Pay, AliPay and PayPal will be analysed; focusing on the location and entry modes. Online payments: a) Apple Pay Apple pay is a Mobile payment...

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Doing business in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

As part of the MaDI program, we are lucky enough to have regional and country seminars that are based on ‘doing business’ within a particular place around the world. For a Master’s in International Business, seminars like these are going to come in handy. They are given by an industry expert, such as Belen Garcia from Galicia who came to speak to us on 9th April about doing business in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. When we think about doing business in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, we often differentiate between sub-regions: Eastern European countries, Balkan countries, Baltic countries...

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The FinTech Industry in Mexico: Sector Analysis

The FinTech Industry in Mexico The following report analyses the Fintech Industry in Mexico through the five forces of Porter Model, portraying how this Industry has been growing in recent years, and what challenges you would found if you decide to set up a Fintech in this country. Rivalry between competitors: In 2017, Mexico accounted for 238 FinTech startups, positioning itself as the biggest FinTech industry in Latin America. The attractiveness of the market and the innovative financial solutions as a response to the arising digitalization gave a boost to the FinTech ecosystem, creating the impressive number of 80...

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The wine industry in Spain: Benchmarking Report

We have chosen the wine industry in Spain in this report to analise its strategy in te US and make the following benchmarking report. The Alvear winery company will be compared in terms of strategy to the Barbadillo, Perez Barquero, and Gonzalez Byass Spanish wine companies. For the purpose of this report and the continuation of research regarding this topic, the group attended the XVIII Hall of the Best Wines of Spain at IFEMA, organized by the Peñin Guide, which is the most complete Spanish wine manual in the world. This guide is used by both amateurs as well...

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