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The Mattress Industry in the US

The mattress industry and its related enterprises across the world have been growing since its origins, especially in the United States of America. Mattress’ consumers represent an ever-changing demand. Recent researches show how the United States of America is one of the top countries regarding mattress’ purchases and sales. In this post, we give some conclusions about the mattress industry in the US. According to IBISWorld analytics and reports, the amount of revenue of the Mattress manufacturing in the US during the first semester of 2017 was around 9 billion dollars with an annual growth of 0.2%. The Five...

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Porter´s Five Forces in the Consultancy hotel sector

In this post we analyse the Porter’s five forces in the Consultancy hotel sector. Hotels, both large and small, are increasingly turning to the online medium to attract new customers. During 2016 social networks were the main protagonists in the marketing strategies of the main hotel chains. Social networks turned out to have a strong impact on the occupation and sales level. Specialization within the consultancy sector has become an almost necessary asset to be able to offer an adequate, and specially, competitive service. As technology is increasingly present in the services sector, it is important to offer services oriented and...

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Doing Business in Cuba

As part of the MaDI program, we are lucky enough to have regional and country seminars that are based on ‘doing business’ within a particular place around the world. For a Master’s in International Business, seminars like these are going to come in handy. They are given by an industry expert, such as Dra. Leanna Diaz Fernandez and Dr. Luis Barreiro Pousa from Habana University who came to speak to us on 19th May 2018 about doing business in Cuba. This Month’s regional seminar was slightly different to the others. Instead of focusing on customs and ways of doing...

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Benchmarking report: power electronics industry

Comparing internacionalization strategies within the power electronics industry Power Electronics is the part of Electronics that is responsible for developing devices, circuits, systems and procedures for processing, control and conversion of electric power. The need of using it in multiple sectors and industries is growing, so this way we can say that there is great growth in the consumer market of power electronics, seeking in most cases, the optimization of resources energetics. Currently, Power Electronics is present in the converters AC / DC (rectifiers), DC / DC (choppers), DC / AC (inverters) and AC / DC (converters) direct frequency...

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Power Electronics in the African Market

Power Electronics in the African Market Power Electronics are the Electronics in charge of the development of devices, circuits, systems and procedures for processing, control and conversion of electric power. Its application in multiple sectors, such as the industrial, energy, transport, or even consumption, is increasing, solving questions concerning power supplies, battery chargers, temperature, variable speed motors, etc.   From the image above, we can affirm that there is a significant increase in the consumer market of power electronics, because of the growing demand of low consumption devices power supply and batteries, along with the need to provide a power source...

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