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The Afterwork Culture in Madrid

The Afterwork Culture in Madrid In this post, I will discuss: how the afterwork culture in Madrid has change my outlook on life (not an exaggeration) and recommend a few of my fave afterwork spots. I have been living in Madrid for three years now and I absolutely love it! Living here has changed me as a person in so many fabulous ways that I am afraid to leave. When I lived in London, I was very rigid! I went to work, turned up to work stressed from the commute, finished work, went to the gym, went home and...

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Christmas in Madrid, The Most Wonderful Time of Year

In this post, Teresa Smith, a student studying a Master’s in International Business at Carlos III University talks about Christmas in Madrid and the differences between Spanish traditions and those of her home country, England.  With the birth of Jesus Christ and the commercialization of Santa Claus, it was easy to assume that our European neighbours celebrated Christmas in the exact same way. This is so far from reality that I am ashamed to have been so ignorant! Madrid is a beautiful city to be in over the Christmas period; although, they may start too early with the decorations...

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Official English abbreviations

Situation: you receive a mail in English but you cannot understant completely all their words! You look for them in the dicctionary but they don’t appear there! Don’t worry! Probably you are facing to abbreviations! In this post we talk about them, about the official English abbreviations! They are used in note taking, presentations, texting, emails, and many other forms of communication where speed is needed. These are not slang but official abbreviations for words. They are written abbreviations unless otherwise specified. Official English abbreviations General writing: w/o – without b/c – because b/f – before w/ – with...

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Etiquette in Hawaii

Hawaii is a beautiful and magical place with tropical forests, white sand beaches, and erupting volcanoes.  Vacationing there is one thing, but doing business or living there is another. Hawaii is a world onto itself and is completely culturally different than the mainland United States. Hawaii is dominated by a mixture of Asian and Hawaiian culture that is in opposition of mainland haole culture. Culture in Hawaii What is mainland? What is haole? Mainland is what they call the main United States, and haole is a white person. Because of the brutal colonization of the Hawaiian people, there is...

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San Francisco Like a Local

San Francisco is a beautiful city, full of new tech modernity with old-school architecture and history, but if you want to enjoy the San Francisco Like a Local does, stay away from Powell Street and Union Sq. It is a city brimming with diversity and culture and life. Not to mention some of the best food in the country.   San Francisco Like a Local    1. Dolores Park Located in the Mission District, Dolores Park has been newly renovated and is a fun way to spend a weekend afternoon. It is packed with young 20-30-somethings drinking craft beer...

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