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Why should you specialize in International Business?

Now the market constantly demands professionals able to develop their career in global environments. Doing a training programme in international business, foreign language skills and an academic preparation in advance to face up new challenges are necessary for attaining success professionally. Vente Privee, Packlink, Auxadi and Callaghan are some of the companies who explain what kind of profiles their organization are looking for on this video!   Fernando Maudo, General Manager Vente Privee Spain “With no doubt, an international training programme is today the key factor to work in any Company and, for sure, in Vente Privee. We know...

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Foreign trade

Foreign trade / international trade Foreign trade, otherwise known as international trade or commerce, is an activity comprising the exchange of goods and/or services between different countries. Studying this process involves the analysis of all the issues pertaining to the commercial operations which take place worldwide. Foreign trade in Spain Foreign trade comprises the exchange of goods and/or services between Spain and the rest of the world. All the questions relating to Spain’s balance of trade with the rest of the world must be taken into consideration....

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Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration / Master of Business Management A postgraduate programme which focuses on the training of professionals capable of taking up positions of responsibility in an organization. For this purpose, students are endowed with theoretical-practical knowledge within the sphere of the management and administration of...

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