The Spanish national daily newspaper El Mundo has published the Annual Ranking of the University Degrees in greatest demand being Business management, on the top of the University Degrees in greatest demand.

It seems that one more year, students still prefer to study those programmes that allow them to get a global view of how the business world Works. So, those university degrees related to business and corporate management continue to lead the pole position.

But that is not all: the Carlos III University of Madrid, who has been recognized such as International Campus of Excellence, has presence on this annual ranking as one of the most demanded universities for studying both degrees and master degrees.

The MaDI, as an integral part of the uc3m and as a benchmark in international business postgraduate (we conquered the 5th position on the ranking of Master’s Degrees) is proud of our institution and want to congratulate the whole University Community for its extraordinary daily efforts all we made.


The MaDI is a safe bet for those students who are willing to develop their career in international environments. Find out your job opportunity thanks to a complete and useful training programme!

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