Have you ever wondered what characteristics make an effective leader? How a leader motivates their team? Or, how creativity can be stimulated by effective leadership?

Carlos Hernández, the founder of Dosabrazos and a professor at UC3M, looked to answer these questions and more in a workshop on “Leadership and Optimism”, given to current and former students of the Master’s in International Business Administration at Carlos III University, Madrid (MaDIUC3M).

leadership and optimismIn this workshop, Carlos approached leadership with a different perspective, rescuing and highlighting the value of optimism as the fundamental engine to lead, motivate and get the best performance from a team.

In his presentation, Carlos explains that positive thinking is one of the key ways to success in leading people both in the workplace and in social relationships.

He explains that optimistic leaders are proactive, adaptive, can weave networks and infect others with a mystique that leads them to achieve their team objectives or those of the organization. These types of people understand that you can generate a greater impact and influence organically to the way people work by generating changes from the base. Likewise, when a leader is not optimistic, changes will not occur.

In addition to an effective presentation, the workshop was complemented with various activities and games that allowed the students to work as a team and stimulate their creativity.

Activities carried out during the “Leadership and Optimism” workshop

First, Carlos led an inventive activity, in which each student had to draw a house seven times. The drawings should be different each time, and with this, the creative capacity that each person could exploit by expanding their imagination each time was demonstrated. With each house that was drawn, the creativity and underlying talent of each person was awakened in order to push the limits and find creative solutions for each problem.

leadership and optimismThe second activity was a game of logic and teamwork. It consisted of two people being tied together by two ropes, and having to find a way to break free. With this game, the students were able to understand the importance of communication and jointly provide the logical reasoning necessary to find the solution to a problem, which may seem very simple at first, but which requires a lot of dialectics and deduction!

leadership and optimismFor the third activity, Carlos formed several groups to which he equipped with various tools, enabling them to build an object (objective being: to build the tallest object possible). Each group competed with each other, encouraging teamwork and healthy competition. In this activity, the ability to work and lead as a team was tested in an effective way, being able to listen to all points of view and take action based on the best idea accepted in consensus. It was also an excellent opportunity to understand the importance of assigning roles and functions within a team based on the skills of each member, with the aim of achieving the goal in the most efficient and effective way.

Last but not least, to end the workshop, an activity was proposed that included each student in one large collaborative group. The participants had to sit down all at the same time, but it was forbidden to sit on the ground. Eventually, they achieved this by supporting each other and resolved the task.

In conclusion, once again MaDI offered its students a fun day of learning, leadership, optimism and teamwork, using many tools and learning techniques that without a doubt will be very useful for personal and professional challenges they may face in the future.

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