Javier Peláez is the owner of Olmeda Orígenes and one of the academic tutors of Master’s Final Project at Master Degree in International Business. He explains the keys needed to develop a successful final project in this video.

How is your relationship with MaDI?

I’ve developed a relationship with MaDI over the years. I was (and I’m) one of its academic tutors. I was in charge of more than 30 students groups. We have drawn up more than 30 Final Master’s Dissertation focus on internationalization of Spanish trying to make university students understand the reality of Spanish companies when they become international.

The keys to success with your Master’s Dissertation

For me, there are two keys to create a successful Final Master’s Project:

  1. On one side, enhancing the value of the knowledge acquired from lectures during the MBA and reflect them in the Project.
  2. On the other, work constancy, tenacity and a good teamwork sufficiently well-co-ordinated are vital for achieving the objective.

Which benefits does it bring them?

We can say a Final Master’s Dissertation is practically a laboratory where we find reflected the reality of companies and what’s going on outside.

It provides everything for todays. It provides opportunities for students to gain valuable experience; they learn how to put into practices knowledge acquired and above all our pupils have to face up a global challenges useful for their future professional careers.

Why is it good to study a Postgraduate Programme?  

After college, students usually do a Master’s Degree which is in fact an opportunity to understand all knowledge acquired during our entire life and everything that happens around us daily.

After doing a Master’s Degree and once we gain access to the labour market, we finally understand; it gives us a new glimmer of how companies operates. That enables us the application of knowledge acquired on International Business. That is the most important thing of all for me.

Why is it necessary to specialise in International Business? 

Spanish companies have begun steps to internationalize themselves, particularly within the last few years, caused by the current economic crisis. We are still light years away from other countries in terms of internationalization. Because of this, we need to develop professionals able to face new professional and international challenges. We need people who speak different languages and learn from other cultures in order to, as I said, be able to promote the internationalisation of our SME’s. Our companies have now a great deal to offer abroad. Before, there was no need.

For all these reasons, training a new generation of students is crucial for the current and future economic landscape Spanish business operates.