Global MBA business managementIn a globalized market economy, professional career opportunities for those with international business skills are significant. In this more open international market place, either big or SMEs companies need to be able to confront an increasing competition from developed and emerging economies and to plug into the new market opportunities these countries will provide.

There is a direct link between internationalization and increased company performance. International activities reinforce growth, enhance competitiveness and support the long term sustainability of companies. Yet, many companies in Europe and in other developed countries still depend largely on their domestic markets despite the opportunities brought by the enlarged single market, the new emerging economies and by globalization at large.

This last economic recession really push many European companies, mainly SMEs, to search for foreign markets and customers where to compensate for the declining of domestic consumption. Many of them have learned the opportunities that internationalization can bring to its companies. Therefore, now more than ever, most management teams are eager to look for new foreign markets and increase the international presence of their products and services.

Global MBA Madi as profesional development

Within this scenario, professional opportunities will flourish for those with international business knowledge, skills and capabilities. The Master in International Management (MADI) at University Carlos III is focusing on covering the empirical, practical and academic needs of those students and business professionals that seek to develop their professional career in the area of import-export and international business activities.

Study program at global mba madiThe MADI program combines international business courses and a broad business education in areas such as finance, marketing, strategic management, human resources and operations, together with a good sound understanding of emerging markets and economic blocs. Students in this Master’s in International Management program will face a progression through every facet of international management, with hands-on, experiential learning opportunities that put academic theory into actionable practice, teaching you the practical, applicable nuances of global business.

Through a strategic fusion of intricate management coursework, cross-cultural insight, regional studies and a combination of Spanish and English taught course, the University Carlos III´s Master in International Management equips you with the competitive advantage to lead globally in as little as one academic year.

Our graduates are recognized professional working in all types of companies, from large multinationals (Airbus, BBVA, British Airways, Cemex, Inditex, PyG, Nivea, Unilever, among many others) to SMEs in Spain and abroad. Their first steps in corporate life experience generally starts within the import-export departments, international corporate divisions, international logistics, human resource departments, or international finance and projects.

Many of them also start their own business projects in international trade. In order to reinforce hands-on and experiential learning, most of the students undertake professional internships in the morning hours during the academic year of the Master´s program.