Have you finished your bachelor in Management, Law, and Economics? Or are you about to do it and you want to improve your management skills? Or have you ended your technical degree and want to drive your career to business world? Don’t you know how to start designing your future? We have the answer: you need to study a master degree! The ranking of EL MUNDO can help you to decide the best MBA.

Despite the benefits of studying a master degree, you need to know that looking for the perfect one is not an easy task. Spanish and foreign Universities and Business Schools offer several programs with different profiles, so you can be lost in translation in the searching process. You can enter the key words in Google, such as “best master degree in business” and be lost among the 700 thousand results offered by it. You can also look into every university site… But, why do not use ordered classifications, elaborated by entities with reputation, that analyze with different quality criteria, the best master degrees in the market? Without any doubt, master rankings are tools that you have to take into account.

Precisely, last June 17th it was published the 12th edition of the 250 master degree guide offered by El Mundo. This guide develops a ranking with the best five master in 50 specialties of 14 areas (Science and Technology; Politics; Social Science; Communication; Law; Economics; Business; Humanities; Informatics; Environment; Health; Labour; Tourism and Urbanism. This ranking has taken into account several variables, then, among the advantages it is highlighted the fact that it does not only consider the program, or the information of its website, but also students, alumni, experts and collaboration firms. Moreover, it considers information such as price-quality relationship, tutorial attention, the prestige of the faculty, the diversity of the students, students’ success rate and employment rate, etc.

Then, if you are thinking about studying a master degree in business, this ranking offers you relevant information that would help you take your decision correctly. Here, we brief 5 main points you cannot omit.

  1. – Among the master programs in this category, you can choose one more or less specialized. If you want to develop your career with a multidisciplinary vision in business, you should focus on the ones identified as “Administración y Dirección” (Management). Here, Carlos III University has two programs that you should consider carefully. One is offered in Management in collaboration with ESCP Europe. The other, the Master in International Business, reinforces the idea of management and business but considering the organization in the world beyond their national boundaries and in the globalization of international operations via exports, alliances and foreign direct investment. Other universities and Business Schools offering programs in this area that are in this top 5 are the one from EAE Business School, ENAE and IEB.
  2. – On the contrary, if you want a specialized program in a specific industry you may focus on programs such as the one offered by the European University with MBA in Sport Entities and Management; Polytechnic University of Valencia with the program in Viticulture, Enology and Wine Company Management; ISEM in Fashion MBA; Health Management at CEF or the one from the Pontifical University of Salamanca in Technical Projects Management.
  3. – The specialization may also be referred to a specific functional area in the firm. The ranking also consider some programs in Logistics, Marketing and International Commerce. In logistics, top5 are integrated by the programs offered by Zaragoza Logistic Center; EAE Business School; Icil Foundation; ENAE Business School and Oviedo Universidad. In marketing, you should take a look in ESIC, EAE Business School, ENAE Business School and Autonomous University of Madrid. Nevertheless, if you want to combine marketing with Digital media, also consider the one at ESCP Europe. Lastly, if you are considering a specialization in international commerce, with the study of international interchange of goods through, for example, exports, you can also analyze the ones from ESIC, CESMA, Deusto University, Autonomous University of Barcelona, and IEDE- European University.
  4. – Beyond the kind of master, you have to consider the language spoken on it, if you can harmonize the program with your job or your internship, or if it offers you the possibility of having job offers. Moreover, the location also matter. It is important to explore if they are conducted in cities where you can find a good business and commercial activity, which may provide higher opportunities and networking facilities. The ones included in the ranking are located mostly in Madrid and Barcelona, although part of them are conducted in other big cities such as Valencia, Zaragoza and Bilbao. Some of them are also available in foreign countries for some semesters.
  5. The price is also important. Among public and private Universities there are significant differences in this point. Considering the information given in El Mundo Guide, in average, public universities offer the program for 10.000 euros. In the case of private ones, the average is increased to 15.000 euros. Lastly, do not forget to evaluate the kind of faculty they integrate, more or less academic and/or professional; the organization of complementary activities; the availability of information in blogs, social media, where for sure you will find opinions, answers to doubts from people that were part of the program in previous years.

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Good luck!