Everybody knows that to succeed professionally it’s elementary to talk in public, and to know how to communicate efficiently. But sometimes it’s difficult to put into practice mainly if you are a student starting in the labor market or looking for a job. Las month MaDI had the great opportunity to have Guillermo Ballenato in our #MaDITalks with themes that are essential for the students in this scenario.

About Guillermo Ballenato

Guillermo Ballenato Prieto is a psychologist at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, specialized in industrial psychology, clinical psychology, educational psychology and training.

In the Psychological and Psychopedagogical Office of the University Carlos III of Madrid Guillermo is responsible of the Program of Personal Improvement and the Advice of Techniques of Study. He teaches in University Carlos III and in University of Valladolid in several masters and in courses of Humanities.

He is the author of more than 10 books among them: “Public Speaking. Art and Technique”, “Educate without shouting. Parents and children: coexistence or survival?”, “Time management. In search of efficiency” and “Efficient communication Theory and practice of human communication”. Guillermo also writes articles in different publications, and gives lectures and courses on various subjects: time management, communication, oratory, learning strategies, group work, personal development, teaching, quality, creativity and parenting school.

Guillermo Ballenato in the MaDI Talks

The last month the Master in International Business Administration had the opportunity to have Guillermo Ballenato in the #MaDITalks. It was a serie of 3 Talks about “Improving your professional abilities” with 3 important themes for the master students that are starting in labor market, business world and are looking for their first job. The Talks were about “Public Talking” , “Persuasion. Contending, debating and convincing” and “The Power of the Word”.

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Check the video that we did with Guillermo Ballenato: