In today’s post we would like to give you more information about the MaDI Talks on Jobs and Careers that will take place in Carlos III University during the 2016/2017 academic year. These talks, together with the Networking”, “Digital Tools and “Regional Seminars talks, belong to the Pasaporte Emprende initiative.

If you want to know more about the MaDI Talks organised by the Master in International Business – UC3M and the Institute of Enterpreneurial Initiatives Conde de Campomanes, please check our post “Join MaDI Talks”.

 MaDI Talks on Jobs and Careers calendar:




  •  18th November 2016MaDI talks jobs and careers
    • Álvaro Mancilla Moreno: “Workkola” and “Wobybi
    • Leganés Campus. Class: 4.1.E02. Time: 13:00-14:00




  • 16th December 2016 MaDI talks on jobs and career




January series, with Guillermo Ballenato

Skills that will help you develop as a professional

  • 13th January 2017MaDI talks on jobs and career
    • Guillermo Ballenato. “Efficient Communication. The power of words”
    • Getafe Campus. Class: 14.0.11. Time: 14.30-15.30
  • 20th January 2017
    • Guillermo Ballenato. “Public speaking. Oratory: Art and Technique”
    • Getafe Campus. Class: 14.0.11. Time: 14.30-15.30
  •  27th January 2017
    • Guillermo Ballenato. “Persuasion. Contending, debating and convincing”
    • Getafe Campus. Class:17.2.75. Time: 14.30-15.30


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