Jordan Eyer, MaDI’s French alumni, the Global MBA in International Business at Carlos III University, explains what motivated him to study a Master’s Degree such as MaDI and advice on International Management for current and future students.

The reasons for the choice of MaDI, the global Master in International Business

I think in the corporate field, the globalization has caused an increasing internationalisation of markets. So, for me, MaDI allowed me to learn how to behave in the current world, in an international firm and that’s was my main goal.  

What do you like about MaDI?

What I like most about MaDI was discover my abilities to work in team within an international environment and, overall, surpassing myself. 

What do you like most about your experience as a student?

What I appreciate most is the quality of its infrastructures and university professors and the cultural exchange with other students.

Do you have any advice for current students?

My advice to them is to focus on the master’s degree that has a lot to offer them. They also should be well-organized in order to obtain and achieve the desired results.

And for future professionals? 

MaDi is a postgraduate programme that help you to grow professionally preparing you for the labour market as well as it allows you to learn from yourself, who you are and finally discover if you are able to become an international leader.