We live in a globalized world and as students of the Master in International Business Administration in Carlos III University pursing an international career we have to lead every day with different cultures and we must know how to manage and solve inevitable conflicts. This week we talked with the lecturer of Cross Cultural Management  of MaDI Cheryl DeBruine to understand the importance of this subject in the formation of well-prepared employee and leaders.

About Cheryl DeBruine

Cheryl has a broad experience as consultant specialized in training and career development. She is more than 20 years providing solutions for firms in order to align  their employees with their strategy.

Some of the companies that Cheryl has worked for are the following Altadis, Amadeus, British American Tobacco, British Petroleum, British Telecom, EADS-CASA, Gas Natural, Heineken, INITEC, ISDEFE, KPMG, Mapfre, NH Hoteles, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Royal Canin, or Warner Bros.

Cheryl combines her professional activity with her academic activity. Specifically she is lecturer in different M.B.A. programs, including Universidad de Carlos III de Madrid with the MaDI-UC3M, ESCP-EAP Paris, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid or Universidad de León.

The importance of Cross Cultural Management in the Master

We always we tend to underestimate the things that are affected by cross cultural communication and misunderstandings that usually happen in cross-cultural interaction like: how people from different cultures work as a team, how to lead this kind of team and others..

Cheryl gives us the guideline to overcome the barriers of cross cultural communications. First we have to postpone interpretation by observing the behavior of the other people without judging and stereotyping them. We also need to be self-aware about our own culture, we have to understand the cross-culture (visible and invisible parts of the culture) and adapt important skills needed to perform a job.

Here comes an advice to be a good leader today: develop the social skills and be well prepared for different cultures!


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Source: Global Strategic Advise Services