What is the expert degree in International Business program?

Under the umbrella of the Master in International Business,  a 36 ECTS program specialized in International Business has been created to train professionals that want to promote firms’ internationalization or take part of teams and export departments.

Professionals with some expertise in international trade may broaden the knowledge about the international context and apply it to different part of the firm management. This program will allow them to the promotion within the firm and improve job opportunites in the short-term. Moreover, those that are about finishing the degree or have just done it, may enroll this course in order to orientate and specialize their careers in international markets. Along the course, the students may do internships to put into practice all what they had learned.

Other advantage of this expert degree in International Business  is that the ECTS credits of this program are compatible with the program of the Master in International Business of Carlos III University (MADI-UC3M). Then, once you finish the expert program you may obtain the Master degree by enrolling in the credits remaining of the MADI-UC3M program. You can know more about it and the opportunities it offers in its website.

Who is the expert degree aimed at and how is delivered?

The program is intended for graduates that have finished the university degree or are about to do it (only pending of the final degree project), and to professionals without university degree but with interest in international business and in the developement of export projects or firms’ internationalization.

In order to follow the program, the student can choose enrolling in the subjects online or on-campus. You can know more about the schedule of the program in the practical information area of its website.

How can you apply for it?

The first course of this program starts on February 1st, 2016. You can apply for it until January 22nd by sending the following documents to the secretary of the Master in International Business (madi@uc3m.es)

  • Admission request
  • Questionnaire
  • Photocopy of identity card or passport
  • A passport-size photo
  • Curriculum vitae
  • A letter from a teacher or head of the company where the candidate has worked / is working.
  • Certificates with the grades.
  • Further documentation supporting other activities identified in the request

The title also offers scholarship! Keep informed about more information of this title, its faculty and job opportunitis in its website.