Final year of your bachelor, and now what?, Would you like to work in commercial trade or in international business? Have you finished or are about finishing your degree in Business Administration or Law? Then, MaDi (Master in International Business-UC3M) can help you!

MaDI is the connection between your undergraduate studies and the job market especially for those positions related to the foreign trade and international operations undertaken by any firm.

Through these 13 years we have observed different employments achieved by our students once they finished the Master in International Business at Carlos III University and you could also apply to after being part of our program. Many of our students work in big multinational companies or in SMEs with a very clear international orientation, that export their products and services to different countries.

Firms such as Google, Ericsson, AgendSynd, Airbus, Olmeda Orígenes, Erca Consulting have been the destinations of our students. Others have developed consultant projects related to foreign trade or worked in trade agencies, import-export brokers, which with any doubt help firms to make real their internationalization projects.

Moreover, among the professional opportunities of our students we can find also positions in public or private, national or international organizations such as trade offices (OFECOMES), Chambers of commerce , ICEX or Extenda, especialized organisms in foreign trade such as WTO, IMF, European bank for reconstruction and development, MIGA, Inter-American Development Bank, etc.

MaDI Team knows that the knowledge and learning acquired along the course can provide skills and resources to our students needed to do a good job in these areas. Moreover, a practical training along the course may be critical to settle all them.

This is the reason why our students can do internships that equals to 6 ECTS. We have different options. For example, through the Professional Guidance And Planning Service (SOPP) at the Carlos III University, may be offered a position related to the student’s profile, managing and processing the agreements of education cooperation with firms. Similarly, we can highlight the scholarship program from Banco Santader for working in PYMES in which some of our students have participate.

During 2014/15 edition our students have had internships at firms such as Grupo Stayer, Auxadi, How2go Consulting, Comunycarse Network Consultants, Zurbano Asesores y Consultores or Ashurst. In previous editions, other firms have been Neck and Neck, Osborne, Johnson and Johnson, Franfinance, Brain Trust, PradoRey, ICEX.

In MaDI we are always looking at the job market and keep informed about announcements or programs that could be of your interest. Recently, for instance, it was published the announcement from IDEPA with 8 scholarships of foreign trade, or the announcement from AECID to work in the European Union.

If you want to make your career progress and develop your professional future in foreign trade and international business, we are waiting for you at Carlos III University to live MaDI experience!