In the last guide about MBA edited by El Mundo, MaDI, the Master in International Business  of Carlos III University in the Top-3 of the best masters in Business and Management area. This ranking takes into account 25 criteria integrated in the following topics: demand, human resources, program, results and equipment. It is elaborated considering on one hand, opinions from people related to the program such as professors, students and alumni, and on the other, external experts. In the following paragrahps we five you five reasons to study the Master in International Business and explain why it is your best choice.

Bilingual academic program of quality

We have been more than 13 years giving a high quality training in order to allow you to face to an international environment more and more dynamic. Achieving theoretical and practical knowledge of international trade and international business with a broad vision of the firm is what may give you the opportunity of working worldwide, creating a global business or advising firms that want to go abroad. MaDI offers you a complete program as well as the possibility of attending to workshops and seminars given by managers with international experience.

Moreover, MaDI is taught in the two languages worldwide: English (first semester) and Spanish (second semester). If you are a Spanish speaker, studying in English during the first semester will give you the opportunity of developing yourself in the “language” of business and share experiences with other international students. If you are a non-Spanish speaker, you will be able to tackle the first semester without any problem by studying in English, while you become familiar with Spanish. During the second semester, you will be able to put into practice what you will have learnt and deal with the contents of the different modules. Furthermore, our agreement with Paraninfo, will give you all the facilities in your Spanish immersion

Good professional opportunities

At MaDI we know what firms are looking for: professionals with an international orientation in order to explore new markets and reach to more and more countries. Our alumni work in companies and institutions all over the world. Moreover, MaDI with the collaboration with the Orientation and Professional Planification Service of the Carlos III University, have a broad network of agreements with firms in which you will be able to do internships.

International student profile

Along these 13 years, we have had in our classes students from all over the world. This is a component that we believe is necessary to boost the multiculturality and diversity. Moreover, Carlos III University gives international students all the support to guarantee your adaptation to this University.

Proven excellence: UC3M and MaDI

Carlos III University of Madrid has become a national and international reference. Founded in 1989, it has achieved a great reputation in teaching related to areas such as Business, Economy, Law but also in Engineering. Then, nowadays is recognized in the best rankings such as QS Top Fifty under Fifty, Ranking de Shanghai o el Academic Ranking of World Universities.

In Europe, Spain … and Madrid!

Among the more multicultural cities in the world, we found without any doubt, Madrid. It is the neuralgic center of numerous firms, and considered the point that links the rest of Europe and Asia with countries from Latin America and Africa. Madrid offers you a lot of professional and personal opportunities, being an irresistible option to live in!