Foreign trade research subject

In a global economic system, it is increasingly necessary to become international.

International Management is important

Usually, an international process of smalland mediumsized companies, what is common for the Spanish economic system, begins and, in so many cases, exclusively consist in the export of products and services.

Any company that want to operate beyond its frontiers, in a logical way, must have an International Management team able to follow some basic guidelines in this internationalization process.

Making decisions

Why do you prefer choose EEUU instead of China in a product export process ? It’s evident that this choice is so important for the future success of a foreign company. This international process, if it is to be successful, must choose the right market and test.

It’s necessary this previous and preliminary study is carried out following a methodology based on the information and leaving out the subjective decisions.

In this way, the valuable information will indicate us – objectively- which markets are the most appealing to analyze or investigate deeper.

The dimension and future growth of our target markets, their easy access, the risks, the continuing opportunities, and so on, are the valuable guideline. Through this economical and social parameters, we’ll guide us through this pre-selection of defined markets.

After this stage, we’ll evaluate the best options based on a detailed market analysis. For that, we need to analyze the country in depth, its product supply and demand, prizes/rates and channels of distribution.


In this Global MBA subject named “Foreigh Trades Investigation”, MaDI students learn how to develop a preselection market methodology with objective guidelines and sources. It provides them with information about export and import values, duties, risk valuations, trade obstacles, etc. Only then will our students be able to understand how to make a market research based on the best countries for the features of our products.