If you consider the world is more and more global, if you think your future can be in a company operating beyond its national boundaries or in institutions helping firms to go abroad, if you think that concepts such as “foreign trade” “exports” or “international business” should be in your day a day, enrolling in the Master in International Business (MaDI) at the Carlos III University of Madrid is something that can help you to develop your career.

MaDI is a bilingual program (Engligh and Spanish) that gives a global vision of the internationalization of different areas of the firm as well as the knowledge for undertaking international operations. Moreover, it offers foreign students enormous possibilities for learning international business and culture abroad in Spain.

Then, and in order to help you with this decision, the Institute in Business Initiatives and Family Firm “Conde de Campomanes” of the Carlos III University (Spain) offers financial aids/scholarships for covering part of the cost registration fees for studying the Master in International Business (MaDI) at la Universidad Carlos III University of Madrid (UC3M), during the academic course 2015/16. Applicants have to satisfy the following requirements:

  • You must be a graduate or being in their last year.
  • The applicants have to be a Citizen of a European Union Member State (except Spain) or a Non-European country.
  • The scholarships are driven to candidates of any area, but with interest in developing their professional career in topics related to international business and foreign trade.
  • Non-native Spanish speaking candidates whose level of Spanish is lower than B1 (Intermediate level) at the start of the first semester, will be obliged to enroll in a three-month Spanish intensive course to follow up classes during the second semester.
  • The students obtaining the scholarship can receive other scholarship for funding their studies and/or conducting internships during the course 2015/16.

4 scholarships are offered, covering a maximum amount of 3.000 Euros from the net registration fees.

You will find more information about MaDI and about this call in the “Scholarships” section.

The deadline is on July 15th!!!! What are you waiting for???