And the end of the course arrived! Our international business students are graduated! It has been a very intense year in which our students have worked very hard in the different topics, have attended different seminars, have developed their Final Master Dissertation, and all it, in many cases, while they were doing internships in firms. Without any doubt, you all deserved your holiday.!

IMG-20150722-WA0018Last Wednesday the graduation ceremony took place in the Campus of Carlos III University of Madrid. In the ceremony participated different student representatives. For masters taught in English, David Arias highlighted how quickly the year had gone. He talked about the amazing opportunity of meeting with people from different cultures and how much he had learned from them in Madrid. He took a very original selfie from the stand! Afterwards, Catalina Lozano, as representative of students from masters taught in Spanish looked back how the experience acquired during this year is the essential resource to face the change they all have to drive. She also talked about the values of the Carlos III University of Madrid and how its leitmotiv, “Homo homini sacra res” has always been present.

Once student representatives spoke to the audience, it came to the turn to David Heras and Javier Rodríguez Zapatero. David Heras, alumni from the Carlos III University where he studied the degree in Business and the Master in Finance Advance Analysis, is now Managing Director in Spain for Hiscox.

IMG-20150722-WA0016He talked about the value of the technical capabilities acquired during the training received in our lives, but he emphasized the necessity of showing empathy, passion and ambition day by day. He said to our students how the future is waiting for them and they have only to dream to become what they want. Javier Rodríguez Zapatero is Managing director in Google Spain and Portugal and he explained the four keys to achieve success. Working with passion, maintaining the illusion every day, with the same energy of the first day of starting something and questioning customs to make reality what is considered impossible.

Once they all finished, the director of the Business and Economy School, the professor Ester Martínez gave way to the delivery of certificates. Belén Usero, co-director of the Master in International Business had the honor of doing it. The MaDI team can only thank our students for all we have learned from them. We will miss you in the class! Additionally, we want to desire them all the best and congratulate them for such a productive year.

MaDI team will be working this summer in order to keep you informed with all our activity for the next year and all news related to international trade and international business. So do not hesitate to contact us with your suggestions, doubts and requesting information!

Happy holidays! 😉