We interviewed our co-director Julio Cerviño who tells us about the MaDI program as well as International Marketing the course which he teaches.

Doctor Julio Cerviño is a co-director of the MaDI program and professor of International Marketing within the department of Business Economics at UC3M. He gained his title as a Doctor of Economics and Business Sciences at the Autonomous University of Madrid, and also studied an International MBA at Washington University, USA.

About the International Marketing course.

IntMktIn today’s world, a strong marketing strategy is crucial to create and deliver value to a company and its clients. It is an aspect of business which affects every organisation, even the most well-known companies, whose growth and sustainability in the current climate depends on the ability to bring their clients into the centre of their strategy. The understanding of marketing is therefore essential for any student of international business. Next, we will present to you an interview with Professor Julio Cerviño highlighting the importance of international business and international marketing strategies.


What is the MaDI program?

The MaDI program has been in place for over 10 years, maintaining its modern outlook which will continue to improve year by year thanks to the help and support it receives from students and members of faculty.

What benefits does the MaDI program bring to its students?

The main benefits include up to date, innovating and quality ideas about international and emerging markets, as well as a profound understanding about new perspectives for global business.

What does the International Marketing program entail?

This course has several interesting features, for example investigating new markets, clients and developing new products for international markets. The main focus of the course however, refers to the most important aspect of business which is to gain sales and generate growth.