Amongst the professionals who teach courses on the MaDI Program is Victor Salamanca Cuevas, CEO of Auxadi, who shares his experience directing his family business on the course of International Accounting and Finance.

Victor Salamanca Cuevas graduated in Business Administrations at the University of San Pablo CEU. He later studied a Post Graduate course in Auditing at the Centre of Financial studies, as well as a Master’s Degree in professional tax consultation at the Institute of Business, Business School. He is now also a member of the Harvard Business School alumni since 2014 following his studies on the OPM program (2012-2014).


auxadi-logoAuxadi is a family business whose aim is to offer administrative, financial and accounting services to multinational organisations who are internationally based. The big step of internationalization was made by Victor with his 18 years of experience and the knowledge that he acquired throughout many years of studies. Auxadi provides a service to multinationals from Spain, and also has local offices situated in countries such as Portugal, France and Latina American countries including Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Chile and Brazil. These are managed using an ‘international desk’, run by professionals in each of the countries.

International Accounting.

This course taught by Victor Salamanca Cuevas and Gregorio Serna, familiarizes the students with balance sheets, Income statements, cash flows and the use of ratio. This will help them to gain a strong understanding of business, allowing them to effectively and efficiently manage their resources to generate value for the shareholders. The course is taught in an international context along with the standards and norms required for accounting.



Hello, my name is Victor Salamanca and I am CEO of AUXADI.

AUXADI is an accounting firm which provides global solutions to multinational companies in terms of accounting, accounting reports and account management for multinational organisations. My company started its collaboration with the MaDI program at the start of 2015, where we have shown interest in students who have the skills to develop businesses and train in accounting.

I am a teacher of International Accounting alongside Gregorio Serna from the University of Alcala de Henares. Our classes are both practical and theoretical, and as with the MaDI course, it is the perfect combination for academics and business enthusiasts.