In this video transcribed and published here, we talk about MaDI from the students point of view and they tell us what this cross-cultural and global MBA has meant to them and why MaDI offers good professional opportunities.

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‘My name is Brenda Núñez, I’m 28 years old and I come from Chile. I’m studying the Master’s Degree in International Business at this University’.

‘Hi, I’m Guido Panzeri and I come from Italy. I studied Marketing and Global Markets in Milan. I decided to move out to Spain to study the Postgraduate MaDI at Carlos III University’.

‘My name is Lidia García Martín, I’m 23 years old and I studied a double-major degree in Law & Business Management. After graduating, I decided to keep studying a Master’s Degree so, I looked at what the options were available, and the programme that really got my attention was the Master’s Degree in International Business that I’m studying at Carlos III University of Madrid’.

‘I’m Vicente Español. I studied the Double BA in Business Management & Administration and Law at the Public University of Navarre. I’m 24 years old and I come from Huesca (Spain)’.

‘Hello everybody, I’m Rui Fu, I’m 23 years old and I come from China. Now I’m studying the Master’s Degree in International Business at Carlos III University’.

‘This Postgraduate programme offers a practical approach for understanding what we had learnt during the course as well as finding out how things work in reality from a more practical and workable point of view’.

‘I wanted to study a postgraduate programme after living an international experience: I’ve lived in Brazil and then I realized I’m particularly interested in international markets and everything related to companies worldwide. And because of that, I decided to specialize in internationalization processes of multinational companies’.

‘It was a good experience for me because we learnt a great deal from the MaDI, we’ve gone to conferences and it has given us the opportunity of introducing ourselves into the labour market – many of us have found professional internships thanks to the University. I believe it’s a good opportunity for any student’.

‘I’m currently working in the Export department of a small sized company. From a professional standpoint, and thanks to this internship put into practice what we had learned in theory’.

‘I think it’s a good professional and also life experience that I highly recommend. At the end, the result is satisfactory’.

‘Thanks to MaDI I can train an internship at Spanish companies and become a better professional specialized in international trade’.

‘The MaDI has been an excellent opportunity; it is not only a question of academic study but also of personal development as I had the opportunity to discover a new country, and new classmates who come from different countries, cultures… This programme has also gave me with valuable knowledge, from a global perspective and with focus on international business’.

MaDI is your best opportunity for the future!

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