It is being 13 years since MaDI started training students from different countries to make them experts in foreign trade and international business. Do you know we create multicultural teams in our classes? Do you want to know where are our students from? Do you want to know what they tell about us? Today we tell you everything in order you can know more about the MaDI students around the world after completing their studies.

Latin American Alumni

Many of our students are from Latin America. Panama, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala, Venezuela, Dominican Republic or Paraguay are some of the origin countries of MaDIs. Many of them after studying the program become entrepreneurs with business related to foreign trade and international business.

It is the case of Noriluz Pérez Venero from the 2002/03 edition and Panama, who founded the firm Poseidon Maritime & Offshore Services, INC. with four partners and in which she was Head Manager of Offshore Services.

“The firm gives maritime law services. We work with lawyers from all over the world, especially in maritime centers such as London, Athens and Hong Kong”.


Sharon-alumna-madi-GuatemalaIt was also the case of Sharon Karina Hernández Rivas from the 2003/04 edition and from Guatemala:

“I work in my own law firm, which I decided to open together with other lawyer, specialized in business and commercial advisory”

Others could access to Multinational Firms. It is was the case of Philippe Vergnaud from the 2002/03 edition and from Colombia with a position in Bebida Logística EE.UU, retailer of Red Bull in Colombia as national sales manager

“I also collaborate in the strategic development of marketing and sales areas”.

Antonio-alumno-madi-Costa-RicaSomething similar happened to Antonio Ayales Macías from Costa Rica and that studied at MaDI in 2003/04:

“All the training received in this master, particularly the one related to the International Marketing has been crucial to professionally develop my career and get the position of Manager of Heinz in Costa Rica”.

Anahiz-alumna-madi-VenezuelaAnahiz Roldán Molina from Venezuela and MaDI in the 2005/06 edition, could once she studied the master, access to the job market. Accenture was the firm that hired her and she had an advice to all that are considering MaDI as an option for developing their career:

“It is not necessary think too much to conduct this master. If I could repeat it, I would do it!!!”

Ernesto-alumno-madi-Rep-DominicanaSome of them, could redirection their careers. For example, Carlos Ernesto Cepeda Lorenzo from Dominican Repubic and the 2007/08 edition, had a background in industrial engineering and gave his opinion after finishing the program.

“As an industrial engineer MADI gave me the knowledge needed to reintégrate in the firm with the ability of giving more ideas to solve problems from a more managerial point of view. I think it is an excellent academic complement for every professional with higher education different from Business ”

European Alumni

Other big part of our MaDIs are from Europe. Portugal, Germany, Italy, France, are some of them. Many students started working at big companies and organizations once they finished the program.

Rita-alumna-madi-PortugalRita Mendes Simões from Portugal in the 2003/04 edition, started, after being graduate at MaDI, working in the Communication & Image department of the del BCP Bank in Newark, NJ (USA).

“The MADI experience was really exciting, not only because of the tecnical and academic knowledge acquired, but also because of the cultural experience of living one academic year in Madrid”

Jan-alumno-madi-alemaniaJan Lohse from the 2004/05 edition and from Germany, started working in Brain Trust C.S as a consultant, and recognized that:

“MADI complemented the degree that I had studied in Germany, giving me a more practical knowledge through work team and cases studies, all them in an international environment”

Asian Alumni

We cannot forget about our students from Middle East and Asia. In the last editions, especially, we have trained students from countries such as Libya, Saudi Arabia and also China or South Korea.

Walid-alumno-madi-libiaWalid Alzwaey from the 2009/10 edition and Libya, described MaDI as

“A leading program with more than traditional management skills, focusing in a global skillset and an intrinsically global point of view”

Our student, Rui Fu, from China is a MADI of the 2014/15 edition and highlight how the master is an excellent opportunity to come closer to the Spanish culture and broaden her experience in foreign trade.

Spanish Alumni

And of course Spain. Students from different parts of Spain have decided to live the MaDI experience along our different editions. Students of Madrid and other regions, have studied the master and have finishing working in firms in Spain or in other countries.

José Ignacio Cuevas of the 2002/03 edition left Madrid once he finished the master to be Financial Director at Viajes Marsans Internacional and Club-Caribe en Sto. Domingo (Dominican Republic).

ignacio-alumno-madi-españa-googleIgnacio Hurtado from 2011/12 edition, moved to Ireland and afterwards to USA with his position in Google, when he finished the program.

During 2014/15 course, Vicente Español from Huesca, decided that MADI could complement his background in Law and Business at the Public University of Navarra. Similarly, Juan Carrero, who studied Business at the Castilla La Mancha University, opted for being part fo the Master in International Business in Madrid.

All of our students share the same opinion about MADI: the cultural variety that this program offers with the diversity of their students is, together with the academic and practical experience, one of the components that guarantee its success. Do you want to be part of MaDI? We are waiting for you!

Another alumni opinions about MaDI international experience

elena-alumno-madi-españaElena Pérez González

Spain–2004/05 edition

“The cultural diversity should be also highlighted; it has been very grateful to share this experience with colleges from different nationalities and with different backgrounds”

leopoldo-alumno-madi-ecuadorLeopoldo F. Díaz Chicaíza

Ecuador –2005/06 edition

“MADI is a complete and interesting program that allows to have a panoramic view of the globality of business, with contributions from professors of recognized experience, experts in different areas and students from different nationalities”

annabelle-alumna-madi-rep-dominicanaAnnabelle Acosta Troncoso

Dominican Republic –2006/07 edition

“Particularly, being part of this program has giving to me the opportunity of learning from the experience of professors and the work of my colleges. In conclusion, it is the best investment!”

yasmina-alumna-madi-españaYasmina Jara Peñacoba

Spain –2006/07 edition

“I have been able to know and share a different point of view of each of the different cultures integrating the master. It is almost impossible that I could forget such positive experiences, that I am sure will open new ways in may professional career”

isabel-alumna-madi-rep-dominicanaIsabel Mercedes González

Dominican Republic –2007/08 edition

“In a personal level, I have met professors and colleges of a very high human quality. The experiences shared remain and the friendship that I have got are unique. I feel very pleased for the year I have dedicated to MaDI. It has been well worthwhile”

ana-maria-alumna-madi-paraguayAna María Carolina Pérez

Paraguay – 2007/08 edition

“ MADI is a very demanding master degree but it has given to me several professional and personal experiences very fulfilling thanks to sharing them with my colleges from different nationalities”