After an intense year of work, on Tuesday 30th took place the presentation of the final master´s proyect of our students.

About what companies they did their presentations?

Four groups were created at the beginning of the course and in which they have been working gradually in different subjets. As a final point, this four groups have developed a consultant project for real firms, designing the international strategy of different products. Specifically Miura Watches, Bodega Pirineos, Crownhill Shoes y Embutidos Juan Flores.

They have combined the knowledge acquired in different subjects during the year and apply them in a comprehensive view. We are sure that these projects can be very useful for these firms when they take an international step.

Each group defended the project in front of a committee

Fin-Master-Grupo MiuraWatchesGroup “Miura Watches”

The group formed by Lidia García, Jorge Sánchez, Andrés Pérez and Rui Fu presented the project containing the internationalization of Miura Watches in Mexico. The committee was formed by people from the firm Luis Cangas Suárez and Javier Miura, CEOs of the firm. They listened the plan designed by our students for their products. The group had to decide the location, the entry mode, and other aspects to develop the project.

Presentacion-Trabajo-Fin-Master-Grupo Embutidos Juan FLoresGroup “Embutidos Juan Flores”

The group integrated by Noemí Remesal, Pedro Hernández and Gonzalo Crespo explained the internationalization project for the products of Embutidos Juan Flores in United Kingdom. Determining how to sell txistorra in London has been a big challenge for our students, who with any doubt, have been able to explain the distribution channels, the packaging or the complements to convey brits about such succulent product.

Presentacion-Fin-Master-Grupo crownhill

Group “Crownhill Shoes”

Antonio Nava, Brenda Nuñez and Juan Carrero had to expose the Project for Crownhill Shoes, an spanish firm from the shoe sector that combine tradition and qualitiy in their craft made shoes. They have explained which is the best way of doing the internationalization of the firm beyond the ecommerce they are doing until now. In the committee was Carlos López and Fernando Lopez, managers of the firm.

Group “Bodegas Pirineo”

Trabajo-fin-master-bodegasLastly, Juan Carlos Pérez, Guido Panzeri and Vicente Español undertook the presentation of the internationalization project for Bodega Pirineo. They explained how to position wines with Somontano recognition in the foreign market. As part of the committee we found Esther Pinagua, Manager, and Angel Ocete, Technical director of Bodegas y Viñedos Pinagua SL.

MaDI Team can only congratulate all our students for the good job they did. We know it has been a year that required a great effort and hard work. But after all, the final project saw the light! Congratulations!