Reasons to study in the Master in International Business MADI UC3M

0505MaDI is… a Bilingual academic program of quality

  • The program is in two languages: English (first semester) and Spanish (second semester).
    The program can be followed on a full-time basis over one academic year, from September to June, or on a part-time basis.

MaDI is… a Good profesional opportunities

  • The MaDI offered a good opportunity to increase my international business and Spanish skills. Now, I will work to Huawei in Latinoamerican countries. Fu Rui. Madi 2014/15.
  • “Thanks to the skills I acquired during the MadI, I have developed a “chip” in my brain that allows me see these opportunities and go for them.” Ignacio Hurtado. MaDI 2011/2012. Retail Account Manager en Google, San Francisco

MaDI has… an International student profile

  • MaDI students have received training in different disciplines and come mainly from Latin America and Europe. Students from the USA, the Middle East and Asia have also passed through our program. This international environment offers students access to a cultural diversity that will enrich their learning experience.

Proven excellence: UC3M and MaDI

  • Ranking El Mundo – 3th position in the 2015 global ranking – as the leading Master’s program in Spain in the area of Business Management and Administration, specializing in International Management.
  • UC3M is considered at the international level to be one of the fifty best universities in the world (Ranking QS, Top Fifty under fifty) and, according to the Shanghai Ranking, is one of only two Spanish universities recognized in the area of Social Sciences.

In Europe, Spain … and Madrid!

  • Madrid is connected to points both inside and outside Spain, and serves as a reference point in bringing together America, Europe and Asia.