We are part of a globalized society living in an interconnected world, and it is therefore very important that firms take into account the new digital approach. Our group will make in depth investigations about the impact, the growth and the current position of e-commerce in the business world. To do this, we will analyse the role of e- commerce within different sectors as well as explore the most successful companies in the digital world.


Carmela Diaz


Having graduated in Business Management at the University of Salamanca, I’m currently studying a Master in International Business Management in order to acquire a wider vision of external trade and the internationalization of companies.

“Although main hobbies include meeting new people and discovering new places, there’s nothing I like more than waking up at home in Galicia, and spending the day with my friends and family. If I had to choose my ideal afternoon, it would be a difficult decision between going shopping, going for a stroll along the beach, staying at home watching a Disney classic or experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen. They might not seem like complex plans, as Groucho Marx said, “happiness is made by little things”.

J. Enrique  Marraud

J.EnriqueI have studied a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at the University of Vigo, Spain. This allowed me to gain a profound insight into the world of business and a deeper understanding of the commercial framework.  Studying one year at the Corvinus University of Budapest as part of the Erasmus scheme further developed my interest in international enterprise and now here I am… studying a Masters in International Business Administration at The Carlos III University of Madrid.

“Born in Burgos and raised in Galicia, I love to travel and learn more about other cultures. An eager communicator, junior guitarist and film lover by nature. Have you ever seen attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion? [Blade Runner]”

Jorge Mayayo

conla cama2I am a producer and filmmaker who graduated in Audiovisual Communication and Multimedia at the University Europea de Madrid. I have also studied one semester in Santa Fe university of Art and Design and specialized in Cinema. It is in this sector in which I wish to focus my career and develop my projects towards other industries such as advertising, marketing and management. I currently manage my own production company and make video clips, interviews, fiction and non-fiction documentaries as well as corporative videos (www.pandemicfilms.es)

“I was born in Zaragoza 25 years ago. It is said that my city is the most up to date when it comes to fashion compared to the rest of Spain. I am always looking for alternative ways to solve problems and conventional situations. I am a traveler at soul and photographer by nature. (Instagram: @kokemayayo)”