As wine is considered a principal gastronomic component, it plays an important role not only as a cultural symbol but also as a form of economic revenue.  We are a specialist group whose principal aim is to analyse this industry in more depth. By investigating the three principal and traditional producers; France, Spain and Italy, as well as their main markets situated outside of Europe, we aim to gain a profound understanding of the industry as a whole. We hope to create potential value and open the doors to new opportunities in this thriving industry.


Georgina Cockram


I am currently studying a Masters in International Business Management at the Carlos III University in Madrid. I previously studied a Bachelors degree of French and Spanish at Manchester Metropolitan University where my specialisation was in translation and interpreting. My work experience at the Bank of New York Mellon as well as Erasmus placements in both Paris and Murcia have together allowed me to develop as a person. With a passion for languages, my main goal is to incorporate my skills with the knowledge that I will gain in the masters in order to progress with my professional career.

“Compassionate yet determined, I love to learn about other cultures. I’m also a keen cook but equally enjoy an active lifestyle. My ideal day would be a relaxing Sunday, where I would go for a long walk in the countryside and do some painting, both of which help me unwind.”

Mario Ospinal

Mario_OspinalStudent of an International Business Masters. I’m a multidisciplinary professional and business executive, and am familiar with the fields of operations and treasury. I also have an additional 13 years of experience in banking and therefore have a full understanding all business functions. I am a perseverant entrepreneur who constantly seeks business opportunities and thrive on my own personal and professional development.

“A Peruvian traveler by nature, I love to be in touch with different people and cultures. I really enjoy spending a day at the beach, listening La Marinera (North-Peruvian dancing), preparing and enjoying the best cuisine and sharing these beautiful moments with my family and friends.

Rebeca Bordas


I am currently studying the Master in International Business Management at the Carlos III University in Madrid, after having previously studied a degree in Economics at the University of Cantabria. It was there where I took part in an Econometric tutor’s program and was also offered a research grant by the Ministry of Education. Despite my experience in economics, I was also interested in the field of International Business, and so I have decided to pursue this master in order to complement my existing knowledge of economics with the skills needed for international business.

“An economics enthusiast who is keen to experience new cultures. I love to sketch, and particularly enjoy doing outdoor sports as a way of unwinding”

Miguel Amaral

MiguelI have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Coimbra, Portugal. I also have professional experience In the world of finance, in which I am particularly interested in the fields of Sub-Saharan African Countries and in Social Entrepreneurship. Pro-bono consultancy.