MaDI students have a double mission: to deepen and spread their knowledge related to business management, especially those immersed in international markets.

In order to do this, they will each develop a sector and country analysis. Their research will allow them to identify possible business opportunities for firms that wish to broaden their geographic markets via exports and / or direct foreign investments. Furthermore, they will study cases from actual firms that are reaping success using internationalization strategies, as their experience may be very useful for other companies wishing to expand internationally. This blog will show the results of their investigations.

Throughout the academic course of 2015/16, the MaDI students will be organized to work in teams or “specialist groups”, which will require them to go deeper into key sectors and improve the competitiveness of Spanish enterprises.

Specialists in the food and beverage industry

Group3_4Mario, Georgina, Miguel and Rebeca will focus on the analysis of the food and beverage industry, a sector which is currently in a stage of maturity. They will undergo a challenging analysis of the principal companies within the sector. This will help them determine the best internationalization strategies available to enable firms to gain the best possible competitive advantage.


Specialists in the tourism industry

grupo turismo_2Alejandra, Esther and Beatriz will be responsible for the analysis of the tourism industry. This sector, in which Spanish firms are leaders, is living a revolution with the entry of new companies with innovative business models. This specialist group will determine the bases of the internationalization strategy analyzing new and existing competitors in the sector.


Specialists in e-commerce

Grupo e-commerceCarmela, Jorge and Enrique will explore all sectors related to e-commerce and companies that operate in digital environments. New technologies have revolutionized the international sale of goods and services across the world with a simple “click”. There is no doubt that e-commerce has had a significant impact on all businesses, given that they are now able to reach international markets with ease.