We interview Natalia Cuadrado and Borja Aristegui, alumni of the Master’s Degree Carlos III in International Business, who explain the key factors and reasons about why to study the MaDI.


Good reasons why you should study the MaDI: the postgraduate programme in International Business

Basically, in my own case, I had passion for the international business world, for discover different cultures; for travelling… and also because of labour market trends. We live in a global and interrelated world where countries trade with each other. Because of that, I decided to study the MaDI- Natalia Cuadrado.

For me was more or less the same. My last years at uni, I specialize myself in international management. In particular, I had a professor, Julio Cerviño that I liked as he always told us if we work in a national company we are forced to have to look outside our country as there’s an international market. There are imports, so we are operating in a global market. Cerviño in somehow has inculcated the idea that we are all citizens of a world. – Borja Aristegui.

What alumni value most about MaDI?

To me, maybe learning how to work in team. Before the MaDI, we were barely used to it as we usually divided the project into different parts so every member of the team has to develop their tasks in order to put them in common when it’s finish. However, we realize that’s not the appropriate methodology. In a regular job position, there’s the need of a real teamwork spirit if we want to succeed and be efficient. We had an opportunity to weigh up the importance of support while working. – Natalia Cuadrado.

Apart from what Natalia said about the importance of work in team, I would like to stress that we developed a consistent internationalization project for an existing company that can be applied in a real-world situation. That means you do not just work to get good marks but also applied: the point is you know your project will be useful for the entrepreneur. And here is when you are committing to it. In my case, it was my first professional experience to develop an internationalization project for a real company. – Borja Aristegui

Why to choose MaDI

Well, I remember when I finished my Degree at uni I was confused, like the time you have to decide which degree you want to study after high-school. You might have an idea, but not a specific idea.  I asked for advice, for different views on the matter. I was already working so the best choice would be studying a Master’s Degree related to it at the same time. Thus, you gather experience while studying a postgraduate required internationally in certain university degrees. I believe it was the best decision I ever made because what you learn while studying the MaDI, it is complemented with your job, and vice versa. You train yourself in Carlos III a very good University and do a master’s degree that will help you to specialized yourself on the international stage. – Borja Aristegui.

The truth is I agree with Borja. In addition, I’d like to bring up the subject of motivation. If you are interested in to turn your gaze outwards and to find out international business, other cultures, other products… Nowadays, Internet has opened up a new dimension of business area. Also, if you have studied an international programme during or after the master’s degree, let me encourage you to take to continue along this path. There are many opportunities for you. – Natalia Cuadrado.