Job interviews have never been easy. Especially if it is your first one. In a job interview you usually have to sell yourself and your skills to convince the interviewer that you are the best to suit that vacancy. If you invest a little bit of time prior to the interview to prepare yourself and get ready, it will be so much easier to handle. According to professional HR Managers about candidates missing out on roles due to interview etiquette, here are 10 tips for a job interview  and achieve your goal: be selected for the job!

10 tips for a job interview

1. Do your research

Among the first tips for a job interview, we should talk about researching the company who will be interviewing you (use company website, LinkedIn, Google etc.). Find about the team, the roles they have, how many departments they have, and about the business model, culture and the industry in general. Know the name of the interviewer and the CEO or manager of your department prior to the interview. If you can’t find this, then call before to the interview. This will show to the interviewer your interest.

2. Be on time

This is one of the most important tips for a job interview: always arrive on time! Do not arrive late or too early (if you arrive early, wait outside the building and enter 5 minutes before). Look up the day before the interview location, how long does it take to get there, if you need to take transport, etc. Check this ahead so you plan with time and this way you ensure you are not late.

Being a bit earlier in the venue will give you an opportunity to stop in the rest room and make sure if you need it that you don’t have any hair, makeup or wardrobe malfunctions. Also, you will have time to catch your breath and stay calm. Bear this in mind: interviews are already stressful, so if you are rushing to get there on time, when you arrive it is going to be even more stressful than normal.

If you are going to be late, always call (not email) to let the interviewer know. Cancelling or rescheduling – if it is more than 24 hours before your interview, it is usually ok to send an email. If your interview is scheduled for under 24 hours, you must call to cancel.

3. What to wear

Dress appropriately – first impressions really count. Business smart and a jacket always helps. No jeans, flip flops, tattoos on show or chipped nail varnish. Try to wear clothing that fits you and you feel comfortable on and is clean and pressed as well. Black, navy or brown are the safest colours.

4. What to bring

Always bring a hard copy of your CV with you. You can also some academic certificates, recommendation letters from other companies, etc., that you might want to show. Always bring your official documents (ID card or passport). Besides that, would be good to bring a bottle of water, a pen and a note pad, in case you need to write down something.

5. Switch off your devices

Make sure your phone or any other devices are switched off and out of sight. It is a bit rude if your phone start to ring in the middle of the interviewer speech.

6. Watch out your language

Use appropriate and polite business language when sending emails and communication during a job interview. A good way to prepare this is going to the LinkedIn or company’s website and see what vocabulary they use and take some notes of some words or phrases that you may find interesting and appropriate to use during the interview.

Remember also that your body language says so much about you. Pay attention to the interviewer and try not to show if you are nervous. Good forms of body language include smiling, solid posture, active listening, eye contact and nodding. Bad forms of body language include looking off in the distance, playing with a pen, fidgeting in a chair, touching your hair, etc. Another tip is keep your back and shoulders straight.

7. Show your knowledge

Apart from selling yourself, you must be able to show your interest and your passion for this job position. But above all, you must know how to demostrate your knowledge. Think about what qualities or skills you have acquired throughout your career that make you suit this position. Show that this is the job you are looking for and that fits perfectly with your profile. On the other hand, try to convince the interviewer that your education or experience makes you the ideal candidate, and that if they hire you, you will give everything for the company.

Usually when they call you for a job interview in person is because you have already passed a first screening in the selection of your CV. However, they will usually ask you questions about it again. For this reason, you have to be prepared to answer all, including some that have their answer in the CV (they usually do it to catch if you lied in your CV).

But do not worry, preparing this part of the interview is very easy. You just have to go through your CV point by point thinking about how you could extend the information you offer in it and link them with the skills that are required in the job position. Furthermore, this is a good opportunity to add any kind of data or details that you could not include in the CV becauso of its extension or format.. Remember: do not be afraid to show what you are worth!

8. Practice before

First, get ready to be relaxed, focused and confident. Furthermore, if you can, prepare in advance some of the answers of the typical questions that most of the employers ask (you can search this on google). Also try to think and write down some of the skills you have and how you can highlight them. To do that, make a list of the job requirements and try to match them to your experience and skills that you gained. Lastly, have a list of some questions that you need to ask to the employer ready.

9. Greetings

Greeting might be a tricky thing in an interview. This depends on which country you are doing the interview, because the typical way of greeting can be different. But we are going to talk about interviews in Spain (although this may be applied in the rest of Europe as well).

First, walk confidently toward the interviewer or into the interviewer’s office.

The most professional way to greet in a job interview is grasp the interviewer’s hand palm to palm. Squeeze it firmly, but not so tightly as you might cause discomfort. Then it is time to introduce yourself, for example with ‘’Hello, I am X, it’s a pleasure to meet you’’. If she/he tells you his/her name, you can say: ‘’It’s a pleasure to meet you Mrs./Ms. X’’.

Another tip is do not sit until the interviewer sits down or ask you to have a sit.

1o. Follow up

Ton conclude our tips for a job interview, try to keep contact with the company after the interview. You can follow up the interview with a thank you email or a thank you note reiterating your interest in the position. This is a good opportunity for you to include any details you may have forgotten to mention during the interview. Send this email within 24 hours of your interview (no later than that!).

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