When Instagram was created in 2010 it was the “new kid on the block”. Nobody who does digital marketing didn’t even consider advertising on Instagram. But now, things are changing rapidly for this relatively new social network.

What is Instagram?

advertising on instagram

Instagram is a mobile social network that allows users to edit and share photos as well as videos.Today, Instagram has more than 400 million users all over the world. Instagram’s good concept and simplicity helped this app to develop and spread all over the world. Hence, Instagram advertising is one of the fastest way to reach the public who has interest.




Why you should advertise on Instagram?

Firstly, Instagram is a social network and social networks are the key when it comes to marketing and advertising. In that sense, Instagram is yet another platform where you can build the reputation of your brand.

Pictures! Video clips! These are the things that users actually like. Today, everybody is interested in a quick way to get information. And what better way to achieve that than through images and videos? Images are excellent for advertising your brand on Instagram. Why? Because they direct the users to your web site without them even realizing. Plus, they enjoy it. When you think about it – it’s a win-win situation.

Secondly, it allows you to to make ads in a very relaxed way. You can post photos from corporation parties, from the office or from shooting a new commercial. You don’t have to show the professional side of your brand all the time. It will score point for your brand reputation by showing users that you’re not just interested in financial gain, but that you’re a community who values its employees. And the users will appreciate that.

Who is on the Instagram?

advertising on instagramInstagram is most popular with teens and young Millennials – this holds true in the United States where more than half of the Instagram’s user base is between 18 and 29 years old. Globally speaking, 41% of users are 24 years of age or younger. Even though your target audience is not within these age range, don’t give up on doing your ads here! Why? Because this is how all the social networks started. The same thing happen with Facebook, and now Facebook has 2.27 billion active users. And who owns Instagram? You guessed it – Facebook.

Advice for advertising on Instagram

In order to help you, we’ve made a list of several most important things when doing advertising on Instagram:

  1. Share high-quality photos
  2. Don’t post more than 2 -3 photos a week
  3. Mix photos and videos
  4. Use the power of #hashtag
  5. Do not over use the #hashtag
  6. Read the comments on your posts and reply to some – it will strengthen the relationship between you and your followers
  7. Partner with some Instagram influencers related to your brand

Pictures or it didn’t happen!

advertising on instagram

Even though this paid advertising on Instagram is relatively new – the power of Instagram is obvious. People love this app, they love to see new pictures, to get inspired and to tags their friends on the post they like. Can that be one of your posts? It’s a chance for you to get closer to your target group and to transform them, not only to your customers, but to your friends. Inspire them so they believe in you, your brand and your product. Make them look forward to your new creative post and inspiration that your profile gives them. Instagram can be the everyday connection between your consumers and you.

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