Victor Margariño is the Digital Marketing Professor in the Master in International Business Administration at Carlos III University in Madrid and also Marketing Professor at New York University. He has almost 20 years of work experience in offline FMCG industry in Spain and internationally acting in global companies like McDonnell Douglas, Cadbury Schweppes, Universal Pictures and 6 years of work experience online starting in nothing less than Google. In the last interview he gave us he told us the importance of digital marketing in international business.

Digital Marketing World

In 2010 he entered in the digital marketing world starting in Google in Ireland where he stayed for 2 years. Victor says that when he started he didn’t know nothing about this world but he was open to learn and in other hand to share his experience in leadership and offline marketing. In his first year he has a Country Manager responsible for the Online Sales in Spain and in his second year he was in the Large Customer Sales area being Head of Iberia & Israel Clusters.

Now he is working in a Spanish technology Company called Comunycarse as Marketing Director and Business Development. Comunycarse is a 25 years company that offers Consulting, Development, Implementation, Support and Maintenance of solutions around Digital Document Management, Voice and Video recording for Business Intelligence. They have customers from several different sectors like retail, public administrations, banking, insurance, energy, telco, event organizers and call centers.

The Importance of Digital Marketing in International business

He points that the knowledge is this area nowadays is essential, especially in a master of International Business Administration, because represents 25-30% of total marketing and it’s key to learn the digital marketing tools that allows you to access information, international market and to go abroad.

Couple advices for students:

  • Always renew your knowledge because the information and tools about digital marketing from 3 years ago has probably changed 40-50%
  • Onboard shock experience
  • Be constantly aware about the news and changes in the digital marketing World


Watch the Video:

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