Irene Gómez, Digital Analytics expert and in charge of Audiences at the digital newspaper El Confidencial, told us about the importance of Google Analytics in digital business.  Last January, Irene visited us at MaDI (Master in International Business, UC3M) and told us about the importance of Google Analytics in digital business. She prepared a MaDI talk on digital tools, which took place at Getafe Campus. Irene recalled the years she spent at Carlos III University, where she studied journalism.

The importance of Google Analytics in digital business

During her visit, Irene explained the importance of Google Analytics in digital business. “There are no variables about our users that we cannot know, everything is measurable”. Through digital tools such as Analytics, we can know in detail the profile of the users who visit a website. For example, we can find out how users access the page, from which device (mobile phone, tablet, computer), their likes, their ages, etc. All these matters are even more relevant in digital businesses.

The most important thing of this type of tools is segmentation. We can classify very accurately the information provided by the tool, and use it in order to segment and define our target public, what their like and how we can have an impact on them.

Google Analytics also provides information about the uses of our website. We can find out if it charges correctly, if there is any improvement we can make, etc.

That’s why, as Irene explained, one of the essential responsibilities of the marketing manager is to work with clusters. Clusters are groups of users which allow us to get to know the public and provide them with the best navigation possible.

We learnt about how to use the main characteristics of the tools, and how to study the results. Irene highlighted how important an international profile and digital training are in young people’s professional lives.

Please have a look at the following video (also available in our Youtube channel), which sums up the visit: