10 FREE Hubspot Resources and Tools for Inbound Marketing

When it comes to developing a successful Inbound Marketing strategy, Hubspot remains one of the most popular and rich cloud-based platforms on the market. It not only provides a full stack of software for marketing, sales, and customer success; but also a powerful pack of free Hubspot resources that companies and individuals can use to enrich their knowledge and improve their overall performance.

Over the years, Hubspot has established itself as one of the leading companies for B2B Sales and Marketing – and it didn’t happen by accident. What distinguishes a great company from a good company is not only their core business and the quality of their services, but also the value that they provide to clients and users. And exactly this is what makes Hubspot stand out from other companies in the sector – a huge portfolio that provides added value beyond its core services. Today, we will take a look at 10 free Hubspot resources and tools that you will simply love:

1. Hubspot CRM

The heart and soul of Hubspot’s software is undoubtedly their Customer Relationship Management tool. However, as opposed to a lot of other CRM tools that only offer paid subscription plans, Hubspot CRM offers a forever free plan for growing companies of any size. It comes with a rich variety of features such as contact management, contact and company insights, a lead analytics dashboard, email scheduling, and even Gmail and Outlook integration. Click here to check the rest of its features!

2. E-books and Guides

Hubspot provides an incredible portfolio of free Marketing resources in the form of e-books, guides, infographics, and plenty of templates for social media and Email Marketing. Whether you are a company that wants to optimize its Inbound Marketing strategy, or an individual that wants to gain additional knowledge on certain topics, all you have to do to gain access to these resources is to sign up! And yes – it is completely free.

Marketing hubspot resources

3. Hubspot Academy

If you are an aspiring Marketer that wants to invest in themselves and stay up-to-date with the latest tendencies in digital business growth, this free source is for you. By enrolling in Hubspot’s Academy, you join a community of 137,000 professionals that are thirsty for knowledge and are ready to change the world. And the best of all – after completing a course, you get a globally recognized certification that can be added to your CV or LinkedIn resume for free.

Hubspot resources academy

4. Website Grader

Great web pages are key to attracting high-quality traffic and converting users into buyers. Website Grader is an awesome Hubspot tool for checking the overall performance of your website, its mobile-responsiveness, whether it is optimized for SEO, and whether it authentic and trustworthy (SSL certification).

Hubspot resources website grader

5. Marketing Salary Grader

Another interesting Hubspot resource that you didn’t know you needed is the Marketing Salary Grader – an easy-to-use tool that shows how your salary stacks up compared to the salaries of other Marketers with similar levels of experience. You just need to answer 8 simple and fun questions!

6. Marketing Hub

One of Hubspot’s most sophisticated and rich tools is the Marketing Hub – a cloud-based service that helps you grow your traffic, convert leads and prove Return on Investment. It provides everything you need in order to launch effective marketing campaigns and execute your Inbound strategy. And yes, it has a completely free plan that comes with a lead analytics dashboard, lead flows, and other functionalities that let you track the activity of users on your website. Click here for additional information!

7. Inbound Decks

If you’ve missed the annual Inbound event organized by Hubspot, don’t worry – you can gain free access to almost 300 presentation slides that were prepared and used by numerous inspiring speakers such as Joel Comm, Jason Miller, and Marcus Sheridan. You can access the slides here.

8. Hubspot Sales Hub

Another cloud-based software provided by Hubspot is their Sales Hub, a pack of time-saving tools that track interactions automatically, and lets you organize all your activities in one place. You can create and share e-mail templates, track your entire pipeline, automate personalized outreach to potential buyers, and more. Just like the rest of Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing services, this software also has a free plan that can be upgraded at any time.

Hubspot resources sales hub

9. Research and Reports

Another great pack of Hubspot resources is their Reports & Research platform, in which you will find a lot of useful information on Marketing, Sales, and Business. You can also download data charts and use them in your own powerpoint presentation! Don’t forget to check it out to discover the latest tendencies and analysis of the industry.

10. ROI calculator

This calculator simulates the potential return on investment of your marketing campaigns conducted using Hubspot software. You will just need to enter some metrics such as monthly visitors, monthly leads, monthly customers, monthly sales price per customer – and you are ready!

Which of these tools and resources did you find the most exciting? Let us know in the comments!