Do you want to explain something to your audience? The infographics can help you a lot! They are a way to inform and communicate in a visually way through a mixture of explanatory and easy to understand images and texts in only one slide.

But creating infographics is not always easy. Nevertheless you can find on the Internet a lot of free tools that can help you. Here we show you some tools to create great infographics for your presentations.

 The best infographics tools


It is an easy to use and intuitive online tool that has a large variety of images, icons, fonts and striking characteristics. Canva has many free elements, but if you pay 1$ you will have many more premium elements. It is no necessary to download or install this tool, just to go to its own webpage, create an account and start. You can share your final Canva infographic with your contacts and networks using the button “Share”. is a free, fast execution and easy to use tool that allows customize designs and add graphs, charts and maps. Uploading images and videos is possible as well. Once you have finished your infographic you can publish it at website or share it in your networks.


Dipity provides more specialized tools, especially in the use of temporary axes. Its use is free but it has a paid version with more features. You can add video, audio, pictures, links among other features that make the infographic more interactive and visually appealing. As the other tools we have mentioned, you can use it for free but its premium account offers custom branding, backgrounds and analytics. allows you to create infographics from free templates easily customisable to start your own one. It is supported by a tool palette that combines drag-and-drop functionality, text editing and quick icon insertion to enrich your graphics and facilitate storytelling. Once the infographic is created, you can share it from the management interface of the tool.

Hope this different tools are useful for you, enjoy your infographics!