Project management can be a challenging task, especially for bigger companies. To coordinate team members efficiently, managers not only have to distribute responsibilities accordingly, but also to make sure that they are being correctly executed. Today, we will show you a SaaS tool designed specifically for making project management easier and substantially more efficient than ever: the Asana Desktop App.

What is Asana Desktop App?

Asana is a web-based software service designed with the purpose of improving project management and facilitating team collaboration from within a single dashboard.

The desktop app seeks to reduce e-mail communication between team members, and most importantly, to assure the correct distribution of responsibilities between each department. It allows Managers and team leaders to assign projects and tasks to team members, set due dates, upload files and even post comments and notes directly to the corresponding tasks. With this tool, you will no longer have to search through countless e-mails to find all the files and comments related to a specific project. Everything is there, on a single cloud-based dashboard that can be accessed from literally everywhere.

What features does the Asana Desktop App offer?

Asana offers a lot of extremely useful features, from generating reports to sharing attached files with your team members. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Creation and assignments of tasks to team members;
  • Grouping tasks into their corresponding projects and departments;
  • Dashboard customization that allows a better workflow;
  • The possibility to set due dates to make sure that your team isn’t losing track of time and is executing projects efficiently;
  • File attachments and task history;
  • Notifications that your team members published on Asana will arrive directly to your e-mail inbox as well.
  • More than 100 tools and services from third-parties can integrate with the desktop and the mobile app.

Asana Desktop App

5 reasons to use Asana Desktop App for managing your projects

Let’s be honest, there are a lot of other tools and software services that claim that they are perfect for project management. So, why should you choose Asana App instead? We give you 5 quite convincing reasons:


  • It’s free.


The basic version of Asana is completely free, and it is perfect for smaller teams that are just getting started with their projects. It includes unlimited tasks, projects and conversations, basic dashboards and searches, and up to 15 users that can join the same account. Despite the fact that the premium plans offer more features, the free version covers all the basics that your team needs for optimizing task execution, and it will save you a lot of time and money.

  1.   It’s fun

Yes, there are a lot of software tools out there that can help you manage your projects, but are they fun? Probably not! Asana Desktop App has a dashboard that is really easy to navigate, and its interface allows for a great user experience. On top of that, checking the tasks that you’ve completed on time gives you this awesome sense of accomplishment that keeps you motivated for the next ones. The tool has almost no learning curve, and you will get used to it in the matter of minutes.

Asana Desktop App3.   It saves time

As we already mentioned, having to search through hundreds of e-mails in order to find all the files related to a project can be an absolute waste of time. With Asana Desktop App, you can perform your tasks much more efficiently and gain additional time to advance faster with new projects. In companies, especially ones that are just getting started, it is really important to optimize all processes and save some money on the go.

  1. It keeps you organized

Maybe you don’t need to share absolutely everything with all departments of your company, but having a dashboard where you can see all projects of the organization can be really helpful. Sometimes, you get to work with members from other teams, and having an overall idea of what everyone’s doing can really improve the overall project management of the company. After all, having everything task-related at a single place can really boost your efficiency!


5. It is customizable

There are a lot of tools out there that can be useful, but very rigid when it comes to adapting to a company’s needs – especially at a startup level. With Asana Desktop App, you can customize your control panel, organize tasks and projects around departments and themes, and personalize your dashboard to fit the company’s needs. You know what they say – one size doesn’t fit all!

With these 5 reasons to get your very own Asana app, you can immediately start improving your team efficiency and boost your productivity! What are you waiting for?

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