Has it ever happened to you that you spend the whole day working, but you still have no idea where the time went? In my company, we do a daily meeting every morning, where each team members has to explain what projects they worked on the day before, and what their tasks are for the day. Sometimes, it can be really challenging to remember everything, or just to keep track of how long it took you to complete a task. Most of the time, we do not realize that we spend too much time on projects that could be finished faster. Thankfully, we have the Timely App: a great tool that helps you keep track of meetings, productivity, group projects and personal tasks. So, let’s get to know more!

What is Timely App?

Timely is an automatic time tracking tool that helps you plan your week and distribute projects efficiently. You can either log your tasks as you finish them (like I do), or calculate an estimated time and log all of them in advance to see if you have projected your productivity correctly.

Additionally, Timely allows you to set a target amount of logged hours for your whole team, control your project budget and progress, and build powerful custom reports by applying filters that fit your company’s needs. And, did you know that you can even calculate your time value in money? Yes, Timely lets you assign the cost of an hour of work, so you can see how much time and money you have invested in completing a task.

Timely App example schedule on a tablet

Who should use the Timely App?

The cloud-based tool is perfect for freelancers, team leaders, managers, small and large businesses, and just everyone who wants to track their time efficiently and increase productivity.

What prices are associated with it, and what is included?

Unfortunately, Timely doesn’t have a free version, but it comes with a 14-day trial so that you can try it and see whether it works for you. The plans start from $7 per user, per month (billed annually), with the cheapest version including basic time tracking, 3 active projects and 3 days of memory history. It is the most suitable for freelancers.

For enterprises, the prices go up to $59 per user per month (billed annually). The Enterprise plan includes unlimited active projects and memory history, the possibility to mark tasks as billed, project tags and even priority customer support. To check all plans and features, click here.

Timely App Prices

So, what exactly can you do with the Timely App?

The simple answer is, a lot of things! But let’s take a deeper look at all the functionalities that Timely offers:

  • Control page

The control page allows you to keep control over the activity of your team members and see the number of hours that each of them has logged. You can choose a time frame for a week or a month to see whether the team reached their target, and track the overall productivity of your company. This feature is a part of the Company & Enterprise plans.

Timely App, logged hours example

  • Projects

This functionality helps you to keep track and stay in control of your budgets and progress. You can assign a specific colour to each project to distinguish them easily, set a time or a money budget, and assign an hourly rate per person per hour. This feature is great for projects where you charge your clients a flat fee, and make sure that you are controlling your expenses efficiently.

Timely App project feature

  • Custom reports

With this feature, you can build beautiful and really useful custom reports by adding databases, setting filters, and even applying personal branding. To start with, Timely gives you a few pre-established templates like monthly project reports, employee hours, and full company reports. However, you can add a new template and build it with the filters and the specific information that suits your company.

Is Timely App suitable for all devices?

The app is perfectly synced across a variety of devices and platforms:

Timely App device options

If you are looking for a way to organize yourself and your team better, Timely is a great tool for being at the top of your productivity and improving significantly your efficiency.

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