The power of SEO and SEM for Ecommerce: MADI Talks

On Friday, November 11 th , within the MADI’s additional activities Talks, Rocío Jiménez was with us to talk about The power of SEO and SEM for Ecommerce.

At first, Rocío explained what Online Marketing is and which the tools it is based on are (marketing via mailing, news, web content, social networks, etc.). In order to develop it, it is essential to define a good online marketing plan.

This latter should consider the public, it addresses, the audience, the competence, the product and making a SWOT analysis with our strengths and weaknesses.

In the past, the marketing plan was based on the famous 4P (product, price, promotion and place), nevertheless, marketing online should develop the 4C (content, context, connection and community).

The online marketing plan

First of all we have to develop the Briefing, which contains:

– Branding development i.e. the strategies to create our identity as a brand.

– Defining of the target audience.

– Online competition and presence: for this purpose it is important to develop a good web content, social networks and advertising.

– We should not forget to clearly define what our target, our goals and our budget are.

To work and develop our online presence, it is essential to choose the strategy we should follow. This will result crucial to exploit the SEO and SEM power for Ecommerce.

– The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consists in optimizing the natural position of a specified entry on web browsers. Rocío clarified that to create our online identity and to position our business in the first entries on finders such as Google, we should correctly define keywords. For instance, a gym: we should define the kind of business, an adjective defining our business and a location. E.g.: Low-cost gym in Parla. If we define non-specific keywords, our business could get lost among millions of results. This is why it is so important to define it well and transmit the main idea to our target audience.

– Another way to do it is through SEM (Search Engine Marketing) which basically is to pay to settle a good position on finders. For this purpose, there is a bidding process of keywords.

How SEO and SEM work in Ecommerce

Keywords are essential to develop both SEO and SEM strategies on the internet. This is the reason why it is so important to know which the needs of ours potential customers are and how they are going to search our product, in order to correctly establish the keywords defining our business. It is not the same to search “shoes” than “black news” or “online shoes”, etc.

But, how do we find our keywords? For a start, it is convenient to make a brainstorming, asking our target how he/she would search our business. Once a good amount of keywords has been defined, will go to Google Adword. This tool will help us with the keywords planner, to segment our keywords by location and choose the best one fitting our needs. Also, we should classify keywords according to their importance. The first of them could be for instance the address, or the link to our website. We will also choose an anchor text redirecting the user to a link providing the information we want.

Don’t miss the video with Rocío Jiménez presentation of MADI Talks: The power of SEO and SEM for Ecommerce