As the popular saying goes: looking for a job is a full-time job. Fortunately, MaDI students have the best opportunity for making the job seeking process short and sweet with Forempleo UC3M career fair, the biggest career fair for students in Madrid.

Job seeking can sometimes be a long, time-consuming endeavor. It’s not always easy to land a job opportunity that meets your interests, ambitions, career goals and salary expectations. On average, employed job seekers spend 11 hours a week looking for jobs, while unemployed ones spend 25 hours. This includes, time devoted to composing and refining job search communications, such as: resumes, cover letters and follow-up letters or emails, searching for and applying to job posts on job sites and employer websites, identifying organizations, industries and locations of interest, traveling to and participating in interviews and taking part in various networking activities.

So much to do, so little time! However, MaDI students are not afraid to take the challenge. More so if they count on Forempleo UC3M career fair, one of the biggest student career fair in Madrid.


Forempleo UC3M Career Fair: How does it work?

More than 100 firms take part in this important event which connects students and recent graduates with the best selection of leading companies and show proven success in and out of Spain. Regardless of your career, every student looking for an internship or first job had the opportunity to speak directly to a representative from each company. Furthermore, more than 28 private gatherings with firms took place, as well as 8 selection processes and 8 job-related conferences that addressed topics such as “How to strengthen your presentation abilities”, “Open your mind and expand your frontiers, where and how to work at an international level” or “Are you ready to undertake a job interview?”.

And this was not all! This year, the “Puente hacia el Empleo” (Bridge to employment) event took place, where students were able to obtain personalized advice on CV elaboration, digital identity and even had the chance to take a professional photo. Everything courtesy of the UC3M’s Office for Employment (UC3M Orientación & Empleo).

So, after reading about all these great opportunities, does this career fair thing really work? Well, you can ask our MaDI student Alejandro García that question! Just a couple of days after attending Forempleo UC3M career fair, Alejandro was contacted by a very important firm which offered him a great job position. The company met him at their Forempleo stand and had the opportunity to speak directly to him, getting to know him better and finally deciding to incorporate him to their team. Fantastic!

You can watch Alejandro comment on his visit to the fair on the “Forempleo 2017, UC3M Career fair” video on YouTube.

So, at last, finding a job doesn’t have to be a long or complicated process. With the UC3M MaDI course you can benefit from great opportunities to land your next dream job in the easiest way! We invite you to get to know more about the master on, as well as on our social media accounts Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram.

The journey to a successful career begins here! Watch the video!