The Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports presents Argo scholarships for internships abroad, designed for graduates who are interested in being interns in firms from Asia, Oceania, Canada and USA.

If you are a MaDI student, you can apply for this internship and perfect your professional profile by choosing this path.

Requirements to apply Argo Scholarships for internships abroad

As stated in the BOE (BoletínOficialdel Estado – Official State Gazette), the applicants will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Chapter III. Article 29
    • University graduates
    • Under 35 years old
    • Legal residency in Spain
    • Official degree obtained in the last 3 years

Those postgraduate or master students who haven’t obtained their previous degree in a Spanish university won’t be eligible.

Knowledge of the language spoken in the country chosen in the application.

If you are interested in the Argo Programme, visit the Carlos III University website and ask for more information about how to apply for this internship.

It’s a great opportunity to internationalise your future!