On March,15th ICEX grants 2019 were presented. This is the ICEX Internationalization Grant Program, founded in 1975 by the General Directorate of Exports of the Ministry of Commerce, ICEX aims to provide a select group of professionals with a theoretical and practical experience in economics and international trade. The call for ICEX grants 2019 is published and the application period begins on April, 17th till May 17th.

Additionally, if you want to know more about ICEX grants 2019 you can also attend the MaDI Talk about this issue next April, 7th. We wil count with the presence of two ICEX interns that previously studied  the MaDI UC3M program and the Expert degree in International Business at UC3M. José Antonio Reig from ICEX, will also attend in order to give us more details about ICEX grants 2019.


  1. MASTER’S DEGREE IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT: This masters is made up of 75 ECTS and will be taught by ICEX-CECO at its training center each year between October and September. It aims at providing solid training to interns, as well as theoretical and practical tools related to the business internationalization process.

During this time you will be able to learn about: international economic environment, entrepreneurial strategy, marketing and market research, accounting and finance, as well as entrepreneurial communication for international businesses.

If you pass all the academic requirements, you will be able to obtain the official certificate of the “Master’s Degree in International Business Management”, irrespective of whether you received the internship with OFECOME (Economical and Commercial Offices of the Spanish Embassy Abroad) or not.

  1. PHASE I: As an intern, you will be able to work with us at the Economical and Commercial Offices of the Spanish Embassy Abroad spread around the world, where you will receive training on international markets, on how international trade operations work, on the real needs of Spanish firms. The main advantage of this grant, professionally speaking, is that it offers the possibility to extend your network of contacts with international quality contacts.

After this Phase I, you will have access to Phase II, which consists of internships in companies and institutions where the positive trajectory and the performance assessment of the first phase will be taken into account.

The most popular destinations every year are usually New York, London, Tokyo, Shanghai and Rio de Janeiro, so the requirements for those countries are more demanding. The allocation of destinations depends on your profile, your final scores in the second part of the selection process and your language skills. Even if you are assigned a country that you had not chosen or that does not seem appealing to you, my recommendation is that you should not reject it in any case. Any destination can surprise you.

  1. PHASE II: You will do a 1-year internship in a Spanish firm with a relatively solid international project. Your training will be complemented and your employability will be promoted.

Video (http://www.icex.tv/embed/index.php?nocache&video=8749&Alto=420&Ancho=750)



The number of grants offered each years varies between 235 and 285, depending on the OFECOMES network capacities.

  1. APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION: You need to fill in the application form that is available in the next link: http://www.icex.es/becas, within the application submission period, normally between late-April and early May.

The minimum requirements that will be taken into account are:


– Being nationals of a European Union Member State.

– Being born after 1st January 1988.

– Holding an official university degree.

– Mastering Spanish.

– Providing documented proof that you have an advanced level of English (the minimum required is B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)).

– Not having received this grant in previous editions.

– Not being ill or affected by physical or psychical limitations, which would hamper the development of the grant or pathologies which limit the daily routine activities, in the moment where the grant has been given.


Besides this, your CV, computer skills and postgraduate studies will be considered, among others.

  1. FIRST PART: This part will be made up of: A psychotechnical test, the command of English will be assessed, and there will also be personal interview, where the numeric skills, logical capacity, verbal and language comprehension, as well as capacity to adapt individually to the environment, motivation, maturity, aptitude and communication skills will be evaluated.
  2. SECOND PART: In this part, the Master’s Degree will take place, as well as an additional language test and an optional advanced knowledge test.



Excluding some exceptions, in general the economic support provided is enough to have a comfortable standard of living in the country of destination, to travel and to save some money. Interns need to take into account that they will be affiliated to national social security during the whole internship period.

This economic support will be spread as follows:

– During the period of theoretical training, the Master’s Degree in International Business Management, ICEX will pay for the taxes, excluding the public price.

– During Phase I, you will receive an annual economic transfer based on the country and city of destination. Besides, ICEX will pay for the return journeys, accident and travel assistance insurance, travelling expenses within the area where the training activities will take place, total/partial cost of learning the local language, as well as visa issuance expenses.

– During Phase II, you will receive an advance and then monthly transfers from ICEX.

In case of refusal or withdrawal from the internship, you will need to reimburse the amount corresponding to the return journey.


To round off this post, apart from studying a prestigious low-cost master’s degree, receiving a significant economic support and improving your CV and network of contacts, you will live an unbeatable international experience, where you will be part of a group of privileged people who you will create bonds of fraternity and comradeship, who you will share a few trips and work with.


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