It’s no secret to anyone that getting a first job is not easy. Students sometimes are not clear about where to direct their professional career, what industry to choose, or what organizational culture interests them most. Passing from the academic to the working world is a great challenge, except if you find places where everything is done so that you feel comfortable and with desire to show your potential in search of the best opportunity. Aware of this need, the Carlos III University has celebrated Forempleo 2018, the ideal place to connect university talent with the professional world. In this latest edition of 2018 it has once again given the students of the university a huge variety of options, so that they are the ones who align their first job with their interests, personal and professional desires.

What is Forempleo?

This first job forum is possible thanks to the efforts of the Carlos III University of Madrid, and especially to its Orientation and Employment service and the UC3M Foundation. Year after year it continues to grow. It is a space where the students are the focal point, the main attraction. In this edition, 120 companies participated, from numerous sectors, located in different stands within the Sabatini Building of the Leganés campus. Large companies such as Accenture, Allianz, Airbus, RTVE, Santander, or Vodafone, among others, have been on October 3 and 4 approaching students in search of our capabilities, because they recognize how valuable is the young talent of recent graduates.

Activities in Forempleo 2018

This forum has a lot to offer. Not only can you find information about companies and interact with your recruiters to find your internship or a work contract. As if this impressive networking was not enough, the forum offers different possibilities that make us grow as future leaders. In this edition more than 50 different activities have been organized: from advice to have better presence in the digital field, conferences, activities to improve your skills and learn to design a more eye-catching CV, simulations on group dynamics and interviews, selection tests , etc.

The MaDI visits Forempleo 2018

As MADI students, we did not want to miss the opportunity to attend this forum for the first job. In general terms, we could notice the great importance that companies give to the international context, considering that today’s professionals must understand the businesses of any sector from a perspective without borders, inclusive and competitive in a universal way. This is why MaDI students have a great advantage over our competitors. We receive training that helps us understand the importance of not only focusing on the local context, and for this reason we are of great value to all organizations. We know how to deal with any challenge of the global boom, from the most technical aspect to the cultural one, going through all the business branches of the different industries.

In the following video we tell you some of the impressions of two students of the present edition of the Master in International Business at UC3M: Summitpal Singh, a MaDI student from India, told us that he had the opportunity to find companies related to his degree in Engineering and Humberto Prata highlighted the great variety of companies he could interact with regarding entrepreneurship, a topic of his interest.

Forempleo 2018 was a great opportunity to inform us, to better understand where we want to go as professionals, but mainly to understand that young talent is the most valued today. If you want to know more about past editions of Forempleo, view our blog with our visit in 2017 and 2016! Now we just have to take stock, and wait for the next edition of Forempleo 2019!