How to catch recruiters’ attention with an appealing resume

When we are in an active job search, your best cover letter and essential tool to attract  attention of companies in the selection processes is your resume. The working situation after the economic crisis has caused important changes in the search of employment, to which are added the technologies that surround us in the day to day. Today, a mere resume in which you tell what you have done during your academic and professional career is not enough to attract attention of companies seeking to get new talents.

There are different online tools that allow us to create different and original resumes. But do not forget that also is a must be self-confident, show your qualities, cause good image and take care of the way of expressing yourself. Here we show some websites that will help you create an attractive resume:


To create your curriculum in Comoto, you can import your professional and academic information from networks like Linkedin, without having to fill in all the information. This page offers many options to design your CV in a very visual and original way and totally free. It contains different templates and tools that will help you in its elaboration.

offers timelines and graphics to reflect your skills and competences. This tool allows you to import your information from Linkedin directly to complete it. Finally you will get a very attractive, simple and different resume.

This tool allows the creation of your resume from an infographic quickly and free. As other pages, it allows you to import your data from Linkedin professional social network. In this way, Kinzaa provides visually striking CVs by simply signing up and starting to create.

This page allows us to create online resumes, as well as cover letters and personal web pages. To create your resume, it offers attractive models of templates and contents. This tool is characterized by ease of use. In your free edition you can access a limited number of designs, while with your payment account as access to a large amount of content. You do not need to register to start working on the application. Select your template, fill in your details, and go!

helps us create resumes for free by organizing all your information quickly and easily. It has a selection of 30 professional templates for resumes or you can design and customize according to your own style from scratch. They also have a wide range of archival photography, icons, fonts, and an assortment of backgrounds appropriate to each personality.

This website offers more classic designs but also very professional. As inconvenient to say that unlike the other tools, CVMaker does not allow importing the information, so you have to fill everything by hand. The free version offers six templates, but by paying a certain amount you can access their full services.


So now… Get on with creating your striking resume!